Barely Caledonian


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is so, then Caledon has a lot to say, just not “pass me that coat, if you please”. What Caledon IS saying is just how seriously it is taking this years RFL effort, with many residents donating the shirts off their backs…literally.

Local artist Miss Becky Book has organized a photo exhibit and sale entitled Erotic Victorian with all proceeds going to the benefit of Caledon’s Relay for Life efforts. The portraits feature some of Caledon’s better known (and most over-exposed) residents in various forms of provocative dress (or the lack thereof) which one does not normally associate with staid, proper, discretely bosom-heaving Caledon. So who exposed the naked truth? Read on for the bare facts.

The exhibit features portraits of two dozen or more Caledonians as photographed by Miss Book, ably assisted by Miss ShayLee Greenspan. The photos are tastefully presented in rich black and white, two per model, and run the gamet from “glamour” photography to artistic erotica to whimsical Burlesque shots.

Overall I was highly impressed by Miss Book’s eye and sense for the erotic. She captured many images of such a subtle and beautiful nature that I would expect to see them on some of the higher class, more erotica-oriented websites such as Hegre or DOMAI (not that I would know anything about such sites). In almost all cases the poses are in good taste and display both the beauty of the avatars and a good deal of the personality behind them. Some personal favorites include the portraits of Miss kiralette Kelley, Miss ShayLee Greenspan, Miss Elizabeth McMahon and Miss Tempyst Lane.

In addition, the venue ( kindly granted to the effort by the Duchess of Kintyre was very well suited to the endeavor, being spacious, charmingly decorated and surprisingly low lag. As evidenced by the number of prints already purchased when I visited, the vendors are certainly working well.

Looking at this fine exhibit, one could draw certain conclusions about the residents of Caledon based on the portraits,be these conclusions accurate or no:

  • Caledonians are a beautiful people, overall.
  • Most Caledonian women are Nekos, amply endowed bosom-wise or have exquisite taste in lingerie…or in many cases all three.
  • The gentlemen of Caledon are far shyer then their ladies.
  • Caledonians love seeing their neighbors nude.

Beyond those views, one other conclusion is beyond dispute…that Caledon is a generous and compassionate land and has once again embraced the Relay for Life with all it’s considerable power.

Congratulations to Miss Book, RFL 2008 Team Caledon Captain Erasmus Margulis and everyone else involved in this excellent and worthy event. I strongly urge everyone to drop by to admire all the portraits, and purchase their favorites for later and repeated viewing in private. In addition, don’t forget when you see a model you especially favored on the street or at another event, to tell them “Lovely breasts, my dear!“…after all, everyone likes to be appreciated.


Yours Truly and my beloved Kirawill, closely examining the top seller thus far, Miss Eugenia Burton (above).


One view of the exhibit, spread before us (above).


Admiring the beautiful and demure portraits of our beloved ward, Miss kiralette Kelley (above). “She has worn less to dinner…” said her sister, Lady BardHaven, affectionately.


The venue in Kintyre, featuring it’s lovely Dragon Fountain (above)


Considering the portrait of Miss Chatnoir and Miss Garmes (above), depicting a scene from Genet’s The Maids.


Kirawill estimating RFL Captain Margulies’ hat size (above).


A Baron and his Lady, amidst the flesh for sale (above).


Admiring the artistry of the exhibit creator, Miss Becky Book (above).


People often tell me I look taller without pants on, but I am unsure (above).

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  1. It really was a fantastic exhibit. I really enjoyed seeing all my neighbors in an ahem.. new.. light, and even better, seeing the RFL totals coming — Wonderful!!

  2. Thank you so much, both for posing and for your wonderful words. this project was great fun!

  3. I promise you sir, the hat was MUCH larger. Must be a photo trick.

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