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Recently I received an unexpected communication from Sachi Vixen, the more curvaceous half of the Adam & Eve design team (Damen Gorilla is the other half, the one with the single eyebrow). She informed me coyly that following their long hard work on a highly successful new female couture line, they had finally returned their attention to some men’s wear.

Once I recovered from my initial, somewhat undignified “WANT!!”, I informed the lovely Miss Vixen casually that I would be happy to look at her designs if I could find the time and share my thoughts on them with my dear readers, which I am now doing.

First up, my favorite of the new designs and the one I feel most suitable for the average Caledonian, is Suited Up, a very interesting new suit design featured in three different colors (displayed above on the first two shots from the left). The suit is quite casual, in many ways more akin to a smoking jacking or lounging suit then the normal wear. Personally, that is it’s charm for me. I could easily see this suit worn in intimate Caledonian studys during lazy evenings around the fire with a bottle or two of well aged Port. Of course you would also need a lovely lady on your lap and a good dog at your feet…or perhaps the other way around. Either way, this suit would be perfect for it and I intend to use it often for just such a purpose.

I especially enjoy the rich, brocade texture of the jacket, the elegant shadows which flatter the male physique and the silver collar and trim which accentuate the suit’s casual tone. All three colors (Black, Burnt Orange and Green) come with two sets of trousers, one black and one silver. The silver, while matching the trim of the jacket, makes the entire ensemble seem a bit too much like pajamas, which I hate almost as much as hats, so I will stick to the black trousers.

Next is a new leather jacket design which is very realistically and clearly textured, however, it tends to suffer from certain flaws in the basic jacket mesh. These flaws make it almost impossible to create a partially open jacket. The worst offenders are those jackets whose lapels or zippers tend to buckle and flow like part of some kind of organic beastie, such as the private regions of an usually enormous female hermit crab. In the case of this jacket, the lower part of the jacket is zipped, while above the open area forms a sort of sweetheart neckline. While certainly better then looking like you are having marital contact with a crustacean, it still detracts from the otherwise excellent use of the leather texture.

I am also not entirely clear why Miss Vixen chose to have the jacket end two inches above the waistline. As I was wearing it I finally simply had to remove it to stop the nearly spastic need to pull the bottom of the jacket down. My hands were literally shaking.

All in all, a nice jacket should one have a need for such an item, with some curious quirks to it that leave it a bit limited, I fear.

I was happier with another casual set that Miss Vixen calls Serpent. The name may be due to the dragon motif on the jacket and trouser leg, but I have no way to be certain. While not terribly Caledonian, the jacket and trouser both are well cut and textured, with the dragon design being unusually tasteful for garments of this nature. I could easily see this as club wear outside of Caledon, especially for those gentlemen who lead double lives or enjoy “dressing down” at times. Certainly it is superior to the vast majority of “club wear” I see on men when traveling outside Caledon on fact finding tours and other high minded activities.

I am quite thrilled to see Adam & Eve offering new menswear at long last, and hope this is just the beginning of several new lines for their many male fans, both Victorian and otherwise.

All the fashions shown here are available, as always, on sachi and Damen’s beautiful home Sim, Genesis.

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  1. Baron, yehr foine reviews almost tempt me to take a walk on the wild side. Almost!

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