Style a’la Carte


There is no way to deny that it can be a challenge to be a proper lady in Caledon. Now, before you misconstrue my meaning, heavens forfend, I am referring to questions of dress, of course. To be more specific, there always seems to be a shortage of appropriate dresses and gowns for our burgeoning distaff populations. For example, there is one green autumnal gown crafted by Silver Rose that I have personally witnessed three women wear to the same harvest themed event. Miraculously all three survived the experience, but the tension still lingers in my nightmares.

However, the problems women face are compounded tenfold for men. After all, there must be a reason our esteemed Guvnah has not changed suits in well more then a year. There simply aren’t that many good sartorial options for the well dressed swain about Caledon, and the lack is far more extreme then that the ladies contend with. Over time, several gentlemen (and in many cases their ladies) have come to me quite distraught, seeking male wardrobe advice. Beyond a gorgeously suited shoulder to cry on and a list of my favorite designers, my primary counsel is that they must learn to dress al a carte.

What do I mean by that, you may ask (go ahead and speak the question aloud as you read, it will improve your experience enormously. Interactivity is the next big thing). Well, it is just that to make an appropriate, unusual and interesting outfit suitable for Caledon, often a man must cannibalize several looks and designers for the elements of a successful ensemble.

For example, one of my favorite new designers is Trevor Sin of Indulgence. He creates wonderfully gothic creations in a style all his own, which I have dubbed Undead Disco Sockhop (or Proto-Gothic Fabulous). His looks on their own would not be suitable (or even survivable) for most men in Caledon. For one thing, his trousers are cut so low as to seem designed for tinnie belly dancers or very chic electricians. Secondly, perhaps due to some childhood linen trauma, he has a positive aversion to shirts, especially under jackets.

However, most Indulgence designs have key elements that would fit perfectly in to a Caledonian closet. Take for example, a recent design by Mr. Sin called Quinn. The picture on the left shows the full outfit, while the picture on the right shows the jacket from Quinn, matched with a shirt and vest from Simone and trousers by Silent Sparrow.


Personally I love this jacket and the way it can easily switch from casual to formal wear, with a slight undertone of Gothic whimsy in either. I should also note here that while vest and shirts on separate layers are very good things, there is a place for shirt/vest combos on the shirt layer, such as in this case when I needed something to wear easily under a jacket. Of course, Undershirt layer dress shirts and Shirt layer vests are ideal, but hard to come by.

Another example from Indulgence can be found in the Requiem frock coat set shown below. Again, the outfit is on the left as intended by the designer and on the right with a shirt/vest from Simone and trousers from Silent Sparrow.


The jacket and jabot have a deeply decadant, luxurious tone and feel, mostly due to the lush texture and excellent detailing work (make special note of the wonderful clasps and broach at the neck of the jacket). Adding a shirt and vest, removing the long cuffs and wearing grown up trousers with the set made all the difference, accentuating the best parts of the jacket. I also opted to remove the tails from the jacket, as I felt it worked much better as a short coat.

I think that Trevor Sin is an the best of a recent crop of new designers, and though I feel some of his design elements are over the top for Caledon, his outfits overall provide perfect fodder for mixing and matching to make a unique look and style suitable in any Victorian or Gothic Sim. In this way, not only do you get to support new design talent, you also get to dress the way you want without looking like every other Caledonian hustling for tea…the best of both worlds



  1. /moves that one “green autumnal gown crafted by Silver Rose” into the “unused neoVicky” folder… then back out again, dying it very very dark green./

    May I say also, dear Baron, that I have had great success in making my outfits unique by having no fear of applying dye to moddable designs. I have a couple of dye colours created for the express purpose of making any outfit match my unusual hair colour. Most ladies clothing is moddable, is’t so for the gentlemen?

    And yeh may call me a wicked Marquise, but I quite like the belly-proud outfits as they are! Perhaps they will be more in vogue when summer turns the weather warmer. Bring that sixpack along on the picnic, wontyehplease.

  2. By odd chance, I was having a similar conversation with Mr. Jeremy Pertwee, just yesterday. He’s had an inordinate amount of trouble finding good Victorian attire–in fact, he states quite firmly that, having found one good suit (the suit that brought him to Caledon, in fact), he intends never to change.

    Who am I to dissuade him? It is a very good suit.

    For me, I should go through my vast trove of every kind of attire, and retire most of it–because at this point, I find myself forgetting what, in point of fact, I own. I, also, should take more notice of the ability to mix and match. And modify.

    I’ll end by noting that one of my loves–and no, not the one you might think–has a similar problem with finding good outfits. Miss Neome Graves, by and large, shops mainly in menswear for her couture selections. So she runs into this a fair amount herself.

    She prefers Bare Rose (after all, she’s staff), but I do believe at some point I should show her Indulgence and Simone–I keep forgetting Simone does menswear with such panache, because I arrow straight for her ballgowns.

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