A Kitten’s Camera


It is always a pleasure to see someone in Caledon attempt a new venture and allow their creative impulses to take flight. How much greater is my joy when the newly born artist is my own dear ward, Miss kiralette Kelley?

Having long been a personal shutterbug, she has finally been convinced by her legion of friends and fans to go public with her talents, and therefore has created the exhibit Kitten with a Mirror, an impressive collection of self-portraits with a gala opening on March 8, from 11:00a.m. to 2:00 p.m., SLT.

The exhibit is being hosted by a dear friend of kiralette and the House of BardHaven, Mr. Podruly Peccable in his absolutely breathtaking Botanical House in Caledon On Sea.


Botanical House (above)

Recently Kirawill and myself decided we deserved a sneak peak at young ‘lette’s “Sekrit Project” and took the liberty of letting ourselves into Botanical House through a convenient back door with a very jimmyable lock.


Yours truly and my Kirawill, inside the Sekrit Project (above)

What we found during this “private advance showing”was a beautiful, impressive series of portraits displayed in a casual, gracious atmosphere. Though each of the photographs is a self portrait of our adorable ward, due to her flair for body alteration and avatar mongering each is quite unique. Each is a window into one of her many worlds. Some are winsome, some alluring, while others are dramatic and powerful.


Considering a Nautical Kitten (above)

The photographs make excellent use of Windlight enhancements, and show quite effectively the beauty that can be captured in Second Life with talent, effort and creativity. I was also impressed with the fact that each portrait so perfectly captured an aspect of my ward’s buoyant and complex personality. The care taken in both photography and selecting what portraits to display is quite evident.


Kirawill admiring Botanical House (above)

I must comment as well on the venue for the show, Mr. Peccable’s Botanical House. The open spaces and verdant greenery are perfect for such an intimate show as this, and adds a great deal to the enjoyment of the portraits. Several well placed areas to sit and relax, and spaces to dance simply complete the sense of well being and ease the surroundings bring.


Another view of the Botanical House (above)

I am quite certain that the opening on March 8th will be a great success, featuring music by Radio Riel. Soliel Snook will be on the digital turntables with host Jomander Trefoil. It will certainly be an event to remember, with dancing and gracious company as my dear kitten enters the world of Caledonian artists.


Enjoying tea with Kirawill and several flying canapes (above)


1 Comment

  1. Hmm. Makes me wonder if I should cull from the…*coughs*…hundreds of images I’ve collected over eighteen months, do a retrospective of my own.

    Mayhap I should wait until the new video card goes in, see if Windlight *actually* works for me.

    Though, since so many of my images cross the boundaries between the old avatar mesh, and the new…


    At any rate, I’m looking forward to attending, if I can, or at least coming to view the exhibit afterwards (there’s going to be some RL outing that day, I don’t know how much of my time is committed yet). Should be grand fun either way.

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