Caledon at Two – Part One


Two years have come and gone…and what a long strange trip it has been.

Over the last several days there have been simply scads of events all over Caledon to celebrate this august occasion, many run or coordinated by Duchess Gabrielle Riel and her crack team of Shield Maidens and raving ninja smurfs. Of course, the centerpiece has been the full day of Grand Balls of the Roses held at Castle Cymru and jointly DJed by Radio Riel and the CIB. Viva Cooperation!

In a post to come, I will have some self-important, naval gazing ruminations about what this anniversary means to Caledon…but in this post..PICTURES!


The official logo for the Bicaledonnial (above).


Miss Emilly Orr and Mr. Fawkes Allen (above).


Miss Gloire Thibaud and Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel (above)


Miss Alexx McLaglen and Mr Edward Pearse (above).


Miss Neome Graves and Miss Midnight Bohemia (above) 


Miss Lavandar Beaumont and Mr VolmarrGoth Vollmar (above). 


Yours truly and my lovely Kirawill (above) 


Miss Shaylee Greenspan rocks dah house (above). 

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