Steampunk Heroes


Steampunk and superheroes have always seemed to be a natural combination to me, as so many comic book heroes are created (supposedly) by accidents of science that seem so typical of the normal steampunk tomfoolery. Add to the fact I have a passionete interest in both, and I have long been looking for a way to combine them.

There have been many graphic novels and comics which have touched on the era and style (most successful I feel were The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Five Fists of Science), but to date, only one modern mainstream superhero has been depicted in the Steampunk Victorian era (as far as I know)…Batman in Gotham by Gaslight.

However, at least artistically..that has changed.

Behold the incredible figurine work of a man I know only as Sillof.

Not only his ability to create the statuettes holds me in awe, but his grasp of the period and the characters to create such thrilling Steampunk versions of well known heroes.

I include a few of my favorite examples here, but to see the full line of his Gaslight Justice League and Victorian Marvels, as well as a brilliant reimagining of the Star Wars universe, click HERE.







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