Come and Gogh


In my 2+ years in Second Life, I have seen many beautiful builds and a whole lot of mediocre or lousy ones. However, recently my dear Kirawill took me to see a Sim that stands head and shoulders above anything else I have ever seen in the Metaverse.

Simply put, it has been days since our outing and I am still in total awe of the hard work and artistry that went into creating Virtual Starry Night.

A Sim wide virtual museum devoted to the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Virtual Starry Night is simply incredible. Not only is it the best museum I have seen in SL, it is one of the best museums I have seen, ever, RL or SL (and I have seen A LOT of Museums). It is beautifully constructed using many invisible platforms and paths. I still have no idea how the fit all of that space into one Sim. Literally Kira and I spent 3 hours exploring the galleries and never walked a hallway twice. It is a masterpiece of Sim construction and design.

Not only does Virtual Starry Night show you what must be Van Gogh’s complete works, split into three sensibly arranged galleries (Portraits, Landscapes and Still Lifes), but each painting has a clear, well written notecard explaining the painting, where it fits into Van Gogh’s career and what it’s significance is, along with interesting facts about the subject matter. Each exhibit also features informative display pieces giving you an overview of the artist’s life and career as well as his place in the history of Art.

All of this is very very impressive, but the best part of the museum is found in the virtual areas, where you can actually step into beautiful rendered versions of several of Van Gogh’s best known works. I was literally spellbound by how well each was done, especially the centerpiece of the exhibit, a giant rendition of Starry Night which you can actually walk into and explore.

Virtual Starry Night is an incredible resource, and should be visited by all of us as well as be used to show visitors and skeptics what Second Life can really do. As not only an educational tool but as a way to display artwork in an easily accessible manner for the entire world, Virtual Starry Night points the way for all of Second Life.

You can find Virtual Starry Night at the following SLurl —


Waiting for our Absinthe in a Van Gogh Painting (above).


Billiards, my dear? (above)


Beauty and the Beast (above)


Above the Starry Night (above)


Sunflowers (above)


Touring the Landscape Gallery (above)


Darkness before Light, looking like a Bryce model. (above)


In an Artistic Rain Storm (above)


A Drink on the Docks (above)


Still Life with Baron (above)


The Big Chair (above)


A New Bedroom at Three Graces? (above)


Together in A Starry Night (above)



  1. It really was beautiful, and very well put together. I’d seen this in a few blogs, but hadn’t quite believed that it could be quite as good as they said. I have to admit, on this one… the hype was actually less than it deserved – this is my favorite creation that I’ve seen. I love the wealth of information it gives, and it makes me giggle like a little girl to run through the 3d paintings. :)


  2. For me one of the best painters who every lived, such a sad story for such a talented person.

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