Deep Dark Truthful Digression


Messages come from strange places.


I sit uncomfortably, here far too early, leafing through a Cosmo from last year, anxious to learn the five new sex positions that will blow my man away. New sex positions, after all this time…what a surprise.

The morning is still so fresh, the room half full already. Cold and flu season. What commercial was that?

I flip the pages, reading alien American ads. Low fat doughnuts? The deuce you say! Why?

A man sits beside me, a decade or so older then I am. He begins to talk, but not to me. Just talk. Loudly. I become engrossed in a letter about how to tell my office mates I am a lesbian.

He is complaining. About everything. The receptionist, the doctor, the wait, the heater, the weather, Lost, his wife, his feet, the government, his cough, Iran, the hour.

Each complaint grows more uncomfortably direct. Every complaint grows more achingly personal. I don’t wish to know these things as he tells us all of his griefs and tragedies.

After what seems an epoch a name is called and he rises, still talking, and makes his way in high dudgeon into the consulting room, reassuring us that he will give that quack a piece of his mind.

The door shuts behind him, and we the survivors look at one another, laugh softly together in a superior, condescending way at his pitiful display of angst. So sad, so sad. Ah well. So fortunate we know how to keep our own counsel.

I go back to my magazine, trying to figure out how that would be physically possible by looking at the diagram, but I stop…and in my memory of the man’s lament for an instant I see a twisted image of myself, hopeless and loveless, sharing my pains with a captive audience. Tearing my shirt open to display my scars to anyone polite enough to look and shake their head in distracted sympathy. Familiarity becoming contempt like oil refined to gasoline..and equally flammable.

I shudder and swallow hard, a solemn oath echoing it’s way to the corners of my conscience, closing my magazine in surrender as I look around the room…in silence.

I’d just dislocate something anyway.

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