New Year Digression


Happy New Year, wherever you are.

On the Road to Carson City

I watch the dust and gravel stretch to the horizon…scrubgrowth and red stone, lost on the road to Carson Fucking City.

He thumps out the Mills Brothers melody on the vinyl taped steering wheel of his tricked out Chevy Blazer. A suburban prospector chasing a strange, quixotic dream. Paper Doll since the border, over and over again. I started out liking that song.

I slouch in a leather bucket seat, deep in a teenage pout. He makes me read the map for God’s sake. I pretend to know what I am doing as I wish I was reading one of the X-Men scattered in the back seat. I fold and I flip and I rip and I press the paper against the window like an X-ray.

We pull off the road into a truck weighstation without warning. The faded, dirty sign at an angle on the road’s shoulder proudly screams GAS and FOOD but the distance and direction were scratched off long ago. I know how it feels.

He looks at me and I put down the remains of my map, and for the first time since Utah he speaks in full sentences.

“Most men are like maps…you can fold them and turn them and mark on them and eventually they will tell you what you want to know…what you want to hear. Most men are like that.”

“…But other men are compasses. They can only tell you one damn thing and nothing you or they can do will change it. All they can show you, all they can do is what they think is right and they live and die by that one thing. If they are correct they are golden but if they are wrong, and HaShem help them if they are wrong a lot, they take the bullet.”

“You’re a compass, Charlie (he always called me Charlie). You were since you were a baby, and you always will be. Everywhere you walk you’ll leave bloody footprints, because you can only do your one damn thing and you’ve got no sense. Everywhere you walk….”

Figures that would be the only thing he got right that whole stupid trip.



  1. How to Save XBox 360 Games on hdd???
    Pls, help me!

  2. *blinks*

    And, from *this* post, mind, he comes to you begging for help.

    The mind reels.

  3. Some people, perhaps, are more easily confirmed morons than others.


  4. a compass :p Not golden though… all broken!

  5. (its a linkspam, actually)

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