A Year in Mayfair


It is hard to believe it has now been more then a year since Mayfair was born. It seems like just yesterday when the sequence of events began that caused us to trade our Caledon Moors winter home and our large mainland estate for a sizable piece of this brand new “upper class” Sim coming to Caledon. In fact, it was going to be the first of the Mark 5 Servers to grace our fair nation.

Yes, it has been quite an adventure since then. Let me refill my pipe, pour myself another martini and tell you children alllllll about it.

When Caledonian expansion caused our lovely seaview in Caledon Moors to go the way of all flesh, the Guvnah told myself and my dear Kira that when the upcoming Mayfair arrived, we would be welcome to swap our holdings in the Moors for a foothold in the new, posh Sim.

As much as we loved the moody elegance of the Moors we could not resist, and moved into a sizable piece of Mayfair as soon as we could. In the process of the transition, we finally opted to sell off our Castle BardHaven along with the Baronial Chapel, Wharf, Laboratory and family crypts on the Mainland and make the tiny island of Jack’s Point in Mayfair and the manse known as The House of Three Graces the Baronial seat. Since then our holdings have grown of course….The Rose Corridor and Dark Lady Park in Mayfair, BardHaven Kittyswitch in Kittywickshire, The Tea Cozy in Wellsian, The Isle d’Illyria in Speirling, BardHaven Abbey in Winterfell Reverie and BardHaven Styx in Steelhead…but our home is first and foremost, Mayfair.

Mayfair, more then most other Sims in Caledon, has retained it’s original flavor, and to a great degree it’s original residents, therefore it is my profound honour to present to you Mayfair, as I see it.


Dark Lady Park as seen from the Mayfair Hub


A Mayfair Landmark, Vi Paravane’s personal Taj Mahal, Chaiwallah 


Barside at Joie Flanagan’s Wheel and Hub 


The Mayfair Train Station…complete with Train. 


Miss Laval’s fine Men’s Haberdashery 


The pride of Mayfair, our branch of the Caledon Library 


The Mayfair Library Christmas display, lovingly erected by Mr. JJ Drinkwater. He even crocheted the train himself.


A recent arrival in Mayfair, the indomitable Miss Valentine Janus’ Octagon House. 


The House of Three Graces, the seat of House BardHaven with the Carntaigh Ferry in the foreground. 


Another recent arrival, Mis Zoe Connolly’s quite useful Lighthouse.


Proud Mayfair, the jewel of Caledon 



  1. I LOVE Mayfair and it has a special place in my heart as it was my first land in Caledon. I still consider it one of the most posh addresses in Caledon and I am glad to see new neighbors bringing new life to it.

  2. Mm, me, I just like I can sneak over from my house and raid the library. :)

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