Quiet Digressions



The universe is silent.

The universe was born in silence, before even the darkness stalked about in the mind of God. It will die in silence, long after God has gotten bored and moved on.

Silence is the universe’s natural state…life pollutes it with its fetid din.

In the silence our hearts turn and pulse, our minds cascade over and over themselves. In the silence we hears words that were never spoken, thoughts that were never expressed, emotions that were never allowed to bloom…and we are the sole arbiters of which are real and which our own delusion. Silence is golden.

The silence whispers the things our voices cannot bear to carry….fear and doubt and insecurity, distraction and decision and departure.

The silence protects us from the noise and screams of others. The silence makes clear that which our hearts can’t accept yet, it eases our road to the next desire, the next dream…it eases our road to the next road.

Silence is our last resort.

Silence is our first option.

Silence is cowardice and courage and often all we have left to remember her by.

The universe is silent.


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