Men’s Fashions – Indulgence


It is always an event of great moment and excitement for me when I encounter a new designer of gothic or period menswear, or at least one I had not previously heard tell of. Due to my obsessions and predilections those events are few and far between. Therefore imagine my excitement when looking around at the FallnAngel Sim I came a across a small shop I had never seen before called Indulgence, featuring male/unisex clothing designed by Trevor Sin.

While these styles may not to be to the taste of everyone in Caledon (though they may be more up the dark alley of Winterfell) and the selection is a bit limited at least for the moment, I found a great deal to enjoy in Indulgence (yes, I know, no surprise there).

In the illustration above I am wearing (from left to right) the Black Buttoned Jacket with red Velvet Cord Shirt, Ebony Crush and Lace and Moonlight Red, all from Indulgence.

I do not know long Mr. Sin has been designing, but he has several outlets of his Indulgence shops in various popular gothic areas around the Metaverse. Such expansion is always a good sign, however his current selection of designs is somewhat limited. On top of that several elements and textures are repeated in multiple outfits, as can be seen in the reuse of the leather trousers with both the Black Buttoned jacket and the Ebony Crush shown above.

Despite the narrow range of designs to look at, I found there was a great deal of attention to detail in his outfits, and his personal sense of style is quite strong and comes through in each of the looks. They are all clearly part of a single line and share a unified vision, but are individual enough to each stand on their own.

Considering that he is designing for the goth community, there is little surprise that most of Mr. Sin’s outfits are based around black as a core color. However, what I find very pleasing is his use of accent colors. He is not afraid to use white for example, or vibrant colors such as green or purple to offset the darker elements…and not the dulled down gothic versions of colors we so often see but powerful, electric shades.

His texture choices are very good, but I hope they grow more diverse since as I mentioned earlier, several are repeated between outfits. His decisions regarding the cut of garments however show a lot more variety and a level of comfort with what he is creating that makes me think he has been designing longer then his limited selection would indicate. Mr. Sin is clearly designing garments he himself would choose to wear, and that level of personal commitment and involvement is always so much more successful than designers who produce garments just because they feel they will sell. I was also happy to see subtle fetish elements, such as the buckled corset that is intrinsic to the Ebony Crush outfit. Most designers for men who wish to include fetish elements go straight to spiky leather harnesses. Subtle, even witty touches of fetishwear, such as Mr. Sin employs, really give garments lasting character and distinction, especially when there is so much bad gothic wear available.

All in all, I see a bright future for Trevor Sin and Indulgence, especially when he expands his line somewhat. I found his designs to not only be well crafted, but a lot of fun to wear. I bought one of everything he has to offer, and will be sure to buy everything he produces in the future.

Find Indulgence in several gothic areas of the Metaverse, including FallnAngel and DeathDealerz Mall, (Gaori 54, 144, 50).


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  1. Thank you, the new line is out. Drop me an IM in world, I’d love to gift you with a sample if you haven’t already picked up what you like.

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