Victorian Boyz


The refrain I hear, more often then not, from designers that I badgering coaxing into creating garments for men in Second Life in addition to their women’s line is that there are simply not enough sources for fresh ideas. Some even try to convince me, in all sincerity, that all the best male designs have already been done. The latter is especially true regarding Victorian or Gothic fashion.

That is why, instead of simply guffawing at them, when I come across good sources for male fashions, especially of the period sort, I like to post them here for the edification of vacillating or nervous designers. Therefore, when I discovered these images, I knew I had to share for the good of all Caledonian men.

The following are examples of the set to be found at the excellent blog of Madame Kat, entitled  Adventures of a Well-Mannered Can-Can Dancer. This site is always a fun read and an excellent source for Victoriana in general and Victorian clothing in particular and Madame Kat is a Victorian seamstress and hatmaker to be reckoned with.

These are just two examples of the incredible looks she is currently featuring for men. To see the whole set, check out her blog.





  1. […] tip to Lord Bardhaven for pointing to Adventures of a well-mannered can-can dancer – Hot 19th century […]

  2. suggestion noted :) (love the hair on that fella)

  3. I do like her site, but I believe these men’s looks are from a fashion spread and were created by Dolce & Gabbana and Karl Lagerfeld…

  4. You are quite right Miss Laval, but Madame Kat does state at the onset that these are Coutour fashions, though she does not know the origens of the photos.

    While she does make many wonderful pieces herself (especially hats), her site is also a great source for third party and historical images of Victorian fashions, as in this case.

  5. Thanks! These rock…omg the hair is fab. Where can i get prim hair like that? and yes! it’s quite traditional to have the white tie, cravat, on white. Like that detail alot as it’s been in my mind of late. But the black collar….now that’s just awesomely flash and posh and poncy(in the best way), i must say!


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