The Tea Cozy


As the holdings of The House of BardHaven have expanded to now include portions of several Caledonian Sims along with holdings in Winterfell and Steelhead, most of these properties have come into the hands of my beloved Kirawill or my young ward kiralette to develop and create.

More often then not, they try to create builds to serve the community as well as their own personal visions. One of the most recent creations of my Kirawill sits upon a small coastal plot in Caledon Wellsian and is called The Tea Cozy.

A very personal, welcoming space, The Tea Cozy was designed and decorated by Kirawill to be a small, intimate meeting place for friends and neighbors.  Open to everyone, the building itself is a custom brownstone designed just for the Cozy by Miss Serra Anansi. A small seaside garden is adjacent to the brownstone, currently a winter wonderland with a bench for romantic, quiet discourse and a slow dance on the edge of the icy water.

The brownstone itself has two levels.  The ground floor is a tradition tea room, with tables and chairs and tea sets arranged for warm, easy conversation. For the holidays, both a Christmas Tree and a Hannukiah are displayed to be sure that all feel comfortable and respected in this festive season.

On the second floor, Kirawill’s own brand of whimsy takes over, as you enter a strange sort of jungle, with cuddle rugs and mushrooms to sit on, flower petal armchairs and strange, firefly eating tulips.  It is quite comfortable and just as lovely for conversation, but perhaps of a more botanical veneer.

If you should find yourself in Caledon Wellsian and seek a place to rest, or are simply looking for a pleasant, homey locale for friendly conversation or a romantic rendezvous , then you are cordially invited the The Tea Cozy, created with love and pride by Kirawill Collingwood.

To find The Tea Cozy, click HERE .


The Tea Cozy’s brownstone (above), custom designed by Serra Anansi


The winter grotto outside the teahouse (above).


Flower Power on the second floor (above).


Lighting candles (above).


Oh Tannenbaum (above).


Just a Baron and his Mushroom (above).


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  1. Looks like a dear little place, I’ll have to drop by.

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