The Chattering Classes


I must apologize to my dear readers for a lack of content here at The News from BardHaven over the last week or so. Such charming pastimes as swelling joints, necrotizing flesh, high fevers and assorted bacteriological chaos have been monopolizing my time and attention.

Now that I have the strength to turn my gaze back to the essential matters of our fair Caledon, I find that I missed a fair piece of a controversy while distracted which has been seen before, and I am sure, will be seen again…that of how best to use, abuse and police the Caledon Group Chat.

This argument, concerning the group chat, has come and gone as I said three times in my recent memory, but this time it is beginning to take on the shape of a philosophy debate, which is in and of itself interesting. I am also fascinated  to find out, as people express their horror over the occasional depths the chat will sink to,  just how many people have me muted. In fact, I have learned that many people view muting me as a sort of political statement against deviance and smut. I tend to think that while I am often extreme and on rare occasions rude, that I am almost never crude or course and that all is meant in good fun as the “evil baron“.

My kira disagrees with me as to the fact that I am not crude or coarse, so I fear I must accept the fact that at times I go further then I intend to. I will attempt to be a bit more controlled, therefore, in the future, as I do not wish to offend people out of hand. However, muting is a god given right which I feel is an essential part, at times, of life in the metaverse. At any rate, if anyone should feel the need to mute me, they may do so and good luck to them in all their future endeavors.

That out of the way, I would like to look at the two main questions, in my mind, concerning group chat currently…

Is Caledon Group Chat an RP environment?

Now I know that even raising the term RP these days is likely to cause screams of fear and protest amongst the common citizenry and a run on the banks, but hear me out.

Some people for whom I hold the highest respect have let it be know to myself and others that their main concern with  Caledon Chat is not the level of indecency, but actually, the level of modernity. That the aforementioned indecency is often a part of the modernity is just a coincidence. They feel that a more proper veneer of NeoVictorian style needs to be applied to the chat.

I do see their point, but I have my misgivings about that on several scores. For one thing, I have yet to find a properly period or steampunk  conceit to “explain” group chat, save perhaps all of us having telepathic, slightly hyperactive faeries in our ears. Also, many of the things that people feel the need to discuss in Group Chat, such as lag, or scripting, or inventories, or Linden perfidy simply do not fit with NeoVictorian roleplay per se. Better that the chat remain a sort of neutral zone, open to all and to everything.

I tend to view chat role play, therefore, as a very fluid thing. Very much a matter of personal choice. After all, there are some people in Caledon who do not RP at all, even towards staying consistent with the Victorian theme. By and large I speak in chat in a manner consistent with Caledon and BardHaven, though at times the topics I discuss are not typical of Victorian discussion, or at least not  PUBLIC Victorian discussion. Politeness and civility should always be striven for, but I feel that expecting the chat to be  “in character” at all times is impossible not to mention unwise.

Is Caledon Group Chat the Devil’s Playground?

There is no question that at times, the content in Group Chat can become quite risqué,  if not openly lewd. At other times, it is nothing of the sort. Those people opposed to the risqué element tend to view group chat as all smut, all the time. It isn’t, in actuality. In fact, oftimes people object to things which they percieve which are not actually said or even thought of, causing the very topic of conversation they had sought to protest.

Caledon chat continues to be all things to all people. Some people however feel that they will be mocked or at best ignored when they bring up their objections to risqué talk…and to be honest I can see their point. I know in the past, I have tended to be uncharitable in that regard to my shame.

Of course, I do hope everyone in Caledon know the very real dangers and fears concerning censorship which cause these reactions.  I feel if we all practice a bit more restraint and neighborliness on all sides, then we should be able to  do away with the slight tension arising from this issue.

As for myself, I certainly do not promise to be a saint, but I will try to control my more…verbose tendencies and I am sure others will do the same. In the same respect, I would hope those who object to scandalous or ribald talk may look away at times rather then  condemn those whose moral compass may point a little lower then their own.

If you feel that something is altogether insufferable, then may I suggest an IM rather then a public chastising?  I cannot help but feel that will have a better effect, and save anyone feeling awkward.

Surely we all wish Caledon chat to continue to be the heartbeat of the nation, and that requires us all to have a voice there, and for all of us to use our say. The only thing that can silence that heartbeat is censorship or needless abuse of our privileges.


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  1. “If you feel that something is altogether insufferable, then may I suggest an IM rather then a public chastising?”

    I for one am not into public chastising, but why can a person not say, “excuse me but can we change the subject matter here? I’ts a bit offensive, bla bla..”? I don’t agree wi public chastising, but a person SHOULD be able to raise an objection without it being vindictive, or considered so by others. I don’t agree wi Bible thumping . Then again if someone DOES have to get upset(really upset), then yes, in IM is best.

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