I Bless the Rains…


As those who know me well are aware I am at heart a homebody. As I age I find that I am loath to leave the safe, shadowy confines of Three Graces unless I have need, and even then those needs rarely take me outside my own lands, let alone beyond the borders of Caledon/Winterfell. However, it has long been a mission of my young ward kiralette to drag me out on more adventures, and therefore she is ever on the lookout for interesting venues.

The newest of these gems discovered by the young scamp is a sim called simply Africa which I found that, with some reservations, was a very interesting outing indeed.

As the name implies, the sim is a reproduction of Africa, featuring wildlife and typical fauna and geographical features from the continent.  In the interests of education, there is also information available as to how to help combat AIDS and poverty in the region, which I felt was a welcome, if sobering, addition to the Sim.

There are many charming areas in the Sim, and I applaud the diversity on view here. Visitors can choose to wander the Savannah on their own safari, admiring the animals, or cavort in the local river. There are also majestic highlands to investigate, and several villages where you may sit back in a comfortable chair and watch the African skies. There are several art galleries in the Sim, and a concert space is also provided, and from the signage it appears that they often hold benefit performances in support of African relief.

My favorite part of the entire sim was a balloon tour which may be taken by an individual or a couple that shows you the entire Sim from the air in a leisurely fashion, while informing you of interesting facts about what you are seeing. Following the tour, it is then quite simple to return to those places you wish to review in more depth.

My only negative reaction to the Sim was the fact that the art galleries are suspended in the air above the sim, but low enough where they a re quite oppressive. The flooring of the galleries are semi transparent, so they were constantly drawing my attention, shattering the illusion the Sim is trying to create. Adding to the problem was the fact that many of the sculptures on display are of the ‘massive swirling dayglo prim’ variety, which seemed painfully out of place.

All in all, Africa was a pleasant afternoon’s diversion  and one I would recommended to anyone looking for a romantic getaway, an outing with friends, or simply some peace and quiet far from Caledon’s teeming shores.


 Zealot and kiralette (above), brave the dark continent..umm…sim.


kiralette (above) discovers a balloon.


Off on safari (above)


Making new friends (above).


“But kiralette, sweetheart, they CAN’T fly…look at the silly little wings…It’s not just being difficult…”


“Now, behave, or I feed you to  Lafcadio over there….”


“Wouldn’t this be a great spot for a shopping center?”


Relaxing after the rigors of the bush.



  1. It was a really great adventure– thank you for writing this up. Huge fun was had… although I’ms till wondering about the smarties explosion…


  2. Um…Smarties explosion??

  3. *nods* Apparently when some animals get excited… or hungry.. or something… they explode in a huge rain of smarties and um.. bubbles.
    Or it might’ve been the mushrooms I found by the banks of the watering hole…

  4. I recommend taking the tubes down the river.

  5. I would like to note that our own Caledonian, Vlad Bjornson, from up in the Highlands (Flora Prims), was the landscaper for this sim. He is my RL son, btw… Proud Mom….:)

    The tubes are wonderful!

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