The Best Butter…


Continuing the high successful series of Book Discussions, the Caledon Library recently sponsored a mad tea party in Victoria City in honor of the works of Lewis Carrol.

As could be expected when the heart and soul of the Caledon Library, Sir JJ “Mad Hatter” Drinkwater pours the tea, a glittering array of Caledonian aristocrats, eccentrics and exiles were on hand  to discuss just what being on the other side of the looking glass is all about.

Hosted and compeered by the lovely Miss Kghia “Queen of Hearts” Gherardi of the Caledon Library with musical accompaniment by Duchess Gabrielle “Alice” Riel of Radio Riel, the affair was an unqualified success.

In fact, in order to put people in the proper mindset, Radio Riel had been playing an audio book reading of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass for several hours before the tea party. I felt this was a lovely and classy touch, and definitely added to the mood or literary merriment.

The discussion itself was wide ranging as is typical of Book Discussions in Caledon, veering back and forth between the serious and the silly as nearly every aspect of Dr. Dodgson’s immortal books and characters was discussed, as well as his place in the culture and intellectual landscape of both Victorian England and Eternal Caledon. I am quite sure that everyone who attended learned new things about these beloved stories, while having a wonderful time amongst the “Literary Lions” of Caledon.

I would like to thank Mr. Drinkwater, Miss Gherardi, Her Grace of Carntaigh, the staff of Radio Riel and everyone else who was involved in hosting and presenting this charming and simply mad event. Off with ALL your heads!




Sir JJ Drinkwater (above), in a mad hat. 


Miss Kghia Gherardi (above), who seems to have plans for your head. 


Her Grace Gabrielle Riel (above), fresh from the rabbit hole. 


Seneschal Serra Anansi (above) of Winterfell, soon to be designing Caledon  Morgaine.


Miss Martini Discovolante (above), late as usual. 


Mr. Shalmendo Glineux (above), apparently having misplaced his cathedral.


Countess kiralette Kelley (above), feeding her Earl Grey addiction. 


Yours truly (above), waiting impatiently for my double frappachino. 


Mr ZenMondo Wormser (above), looking far too serious for this tea party.


The Ladies of the Library (above). 

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  1. alas! I was so late, I missed it entirely. Thankyeh for posting the photos… and leaving me soom cold tea.

  2. *grumbles at being thrown out of world for the tea party*

    But it looks as if most present had a lovely time.

    I admit, I’m very intrigued by Mr. Glineux–he’s developed the habit of dropping by the Penzance shop, inviting oddity of some fashion into the place, and departing again. First it was his quite extraordinary Steam Egg; last time it was an exploding dragon.

    We did manage to get the rug clean, thankfully, though I suspect the lass accompanying him did not fare so well. It must be said, brushing grey matter out of one’s coiffure is never pleasant.

  3. Thank you so much for posting the photos – they are so well done. Between the lag and the fast-paced conversation, I had no time to take snapshots myself.

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