New Releases – Sweeney by Silent Sparrow


As could have been anticipated, the upcoming release of the stylish, dark and gothically Victorian film Sweeney Tood: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is causing quite a stir amongst Victorian designers of all types.

It could also have been anticipated that first out of the gate with a design based on this milestone in popular musical entertainment is hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow whose unisex Sweeney vest and trousers set is not only based on a costume worn by Johnny Depp in the film, but FREE.

The set is primarily a shirt/vest/tie combo and blue striped trousers. The vest, in a warm chocolate brown, is one of the best shadowed garments Miss Tiramisu has created in some time, due to the fact that the solid color allows the beauty of the draping and heavy lapels to really shine through. I was so impressed with it, I would love to see more basic, solid color vests provided as value-added alternatives or purchasable extras to Miss Tiramisu’s gorgeously ornate waistcoats worn with her suits. The trousers are also great fun and perfectly period, nicely styled.

Beyond the shading and shadowing on the vest, the highpoint of this outfit are the extras. Included with the cream colored shirt are prim additions to the upper and lower arms, giving a more realistic baggy appearance to the sleeves. These are quite useful, and continue Miss Tiramisu’s latest ventures in using sculpted prims to expand and further define the lines of garments.

Even more fun however, as a blood stained rag warn at the waist and a perfect, menacing cutthroat razor created exclusively for this release by The Mistress of the Prim Macabre, Miss Jessica Ornitz.

Miss Tiramisu assures me that this is but the first in an entire line of attire inspired by the costumes in Sweeney Todd, each with the distinctive Silent Sparrow NeoVictorian touch, and I for one can’t wait. If there is any design house that could inspire us to swing our razors high, it’s Silent Sparrow.

The Sweeney set is free to Silent Sparrow group members. Membership is free and Miss Tiramisu provides a new freebie to her group ever couple weeks. Plus, you get first notice of all Silent Sparrow releases and limited editions. To get the freebie, activate the group and click the box near the entrance of the main store in Silent Sparrow.

Sign up for the group, if you aren’t already a member, at Silent Sparrow, but allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.



  1. I will admit, it’s been the oddity around Penzance–Miss Neome got the outfit, and then hasn’t been seen out of it for easily a week. The shading on the vest really is phenomenal.

    I suppose what really makes me giggle is being cuddled by someone with a straight razor, but then, this *is* me, strange things happen all the time.

  2. this splendid outfit will inspire more bloodletting… hurrah!

    /not only runs, but dances, with straightrazors/

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