New Releases – Courtier by Adam and Eve


Now, sachi Vixen has a long history of convincing me to wear somewhat unusual designs as created by herself and partner Damen Gorilla. Seeing as how all of my private anatomy is covered by her newest venture in the “What can sachi get Zealot to wear this week” sweepstakes, Courtier, her new Elizabethan design, is relatively tame.

In addition to protecting my positively schoolgirlish modesty, it also happens to be a striking and interesting outfit, quite worthy of review…plus it comes with a cool rapier!

The design is one of the more ambitious I have seen from Adam & Eve for men, including several different styles of pants (textured, plain black and boot cuts) and prim additions to create the distinctive shoulder and thigh shapes typical of the Elizabethan period. On top of all these elements, a belt and rapier and a neckruff are included to complete the ensemble.

I was especially impressed with the detailing on the doublet itself. The texture is lovely and very “velvety” and the jeweled central panel down the front of the doublet is excellent and sharply rendered. I was also highly impressed with the ruff, which fit well and was just large enough to be true to the period without being so large as to make me feel like my head was a canape.

The outfit is filled with lovely additional touches, such as the brooch at the front of the ruff and the double belt with attached rapier. The outfit is made to be coupled with Adam & Eve’s Riding Boots, or a similar boot design.

As usual with Adam & Eve, Courtier comes in several colors and is made to go with any of the excellent Elizabethan gowns recently released for ladies from Adam & Eve so you never need to fear being the ONLY person to show up for lunch in Elizabethan garb.

Whether you need a quick, sexy costume as an individual or a couple or just like to dress up for dinner (and I mean REALLY dress up), Courtier is an excellent choice.

Find this design, as well as vast numbers more, at Adam & Eve’s main store in the Sim Genesis.

And now…a blast from the past. Some previous winners of the “What can Sachi get Zealot to wear this week” sweepstakes.





  1. That leaf hat was -so- you!

  2. I don’t know about that…*grins*…but I will admit, I’m in love with the entire Elizabethan line. I’m definitely counting pennies and plotting!

  3. ohh, and here I was trying to be a good girl and let my pocketbook (and inventory) have a rest… looks like I have yet another set of dresses to get.

    You need a lady model for when you do reviews.

    *flutters her eyelashes*

  4. … codpiece…? /peers closely at the photographs

  5. ..looks down.


  6. /tsks/

    well, the ruff is quite nice! that makes up for’t.

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