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One of the designers in the Metaverse that is most often encountered when one explores the worlds of Gothic and Fetish wear is the exceptionally talented Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss. Up to now however, I have not had the opportunity to properly delve into her work here due to the fact that for some inexplicable reason, she creates very little for men.

However, I am pleased to say that she has overcome this odd phobia recently, and in a fashion one would expect from the mercurial Miss Lioncourt by releasing an ensemble entitled Masque of the Red Death.

One of the best things about Draconic Kiss is the tendency to produce series of outfits, all based around a single theme or concept. Of special note to Caledonians are their recent line of garments based on the work of Edgar Allen Poe, entitled Poelitas. These designs are each startlingly complete, including skins, clever props such as Ravens and Tell-Tale Hearts and notecards featuring the actual texts upon which they are based, written by the Master of the Macabre himself.

After creating four Poelita outfits for the ladies, each reflecting not only the moody, gothic style of Poe but each with a sly, dark wit as well, Miss Lioncourt has finally turned her eye to a men’s version with Masque of the Red Death. In the basic design, one can easily see that she profited from her recent collaboration with Silent Sparrow’s hyasynth Tiramisu (Danse Macabre) as this garment shows many of the same strengths as that lush and powerful ensemble, including the rich yet spartan lines of the jacket and the use of multiple layers for greatest dramatic effect and versatility. For me it makes clear again that when two artists collaborate, both can come away improved.

My favorite elements of the jacket/greatcoat are definitely the details…the black on black brocade, the beautiful red lining of the lower part of the greatcoat, the double line of silver skull buttons down the front of the jacket, the subtle use of prim attachments at the collar and the wonderful cuffs. The skirt of the jacket can be a bit stiff and conical for my tastes, but it does move well, and such a shape is one of the dangers inherent with prim skirts. I am clearly feeling the lack of a non-prim set of tails that can be worn on the Skirt layer, a gap in an otherwise very complete set. However, a consolation is that the jacket looks excellent with no tails at all.

Worn beneath the jacket/greatcoat on two layers for greater versatility (shirt and undershirt), are a rich blood red waistcoat and a black tab collar shirt with black cravat. Both are beautifully done with rich, artistic textures, and either the shirt worn with the included trousers, or the shirt with the vest are each a stand alone outfit in their own right, well realized and very complete. Neither has the feel of a marooned element form a larger set.

My only real complaint concerning the vest/shirt are that when the jacket is worn, they are complete obscured and may as well not be worn. A sad fate indeed for such lovingly crafted garments. I would love to see the design of the jacket allow that which is worn under it to be seen somehow, or perhaps both a closed and an open version of the jacket. It seems a terrible shame for the jacket to render other excellent elements of this outfit extraneous.

Additional elements such as a top hat, a custom skin, and the prim skull masque as described by Poe in the story add depth and interest to the outfit and help Masque of the Red Death to walk a fine line between outfit and Avatar. There are some things missing I would have like to have seen included, however, such as skirt-layer tails, alternate trousers of some kind and gloves. They are not so vital as to cripple the outfit in their absence, but they would have been very nice to see included in an otherwise very wide-ranging package.

All in all however, this is a very impressive outfit, all the more so when one keeps in mind that Draconic Kiss makes primarily ladies fashion. I dearly hope that this outfit signals that Miss Lioncourt will turn her attention more regularly to her male customers. If when she does so, she builds and expands on the fine traits of Masque of the Red Death, she will soon have a dedicated following throughout Caledon and Winterfell.

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