New Release – Banneret from Silent Sparrow


Autumn is a natural season for a designer such as hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow. The prevalence of darker colors, richer fabrics and longer coats one finds as the virtual weather in the Metaverse grows colder plays directly in the strength’s of Miss Tiramisu’s NeoVictorian styles.

New designs for both genders have been coming steadily of late from Silent Sparrow and one of my favorites has been the Banneret line of unisex military styled jackets. This is not just due to the fact that the ever-gracious Miss Tiramisu partially based the design on real-world gothic fashions recently featured in this very blog.

The jackets are smartly styled short coats featuring a centered row of precise brass buttons and military styled cuffs and high collar. Also included are optional prim tails, and matching trousers and gloves. The basic design is unquestionably classic and used to unusually good advantage here. A nice feature of Banneret is that it looks equally good on men and women, no easy feat I can assure you.

However the physical design of the jacket is, I feel, the smallest part of Banneret’s appeal. The true glory of this outfit lies, as will come as no surprise to longtime readers, in Miss Tiramisu’s expert use of texture and shadow and her ever expanding skills with color.

Too often people assume that gothic fashions mean black, more black and still more black with a little red thrown in for blood stains. Silent Sparrow has been bucking that trend to good effect of late with a large range of outfits in many and varied colors, yet all having that distinctive Gothic/Victorian feel. As a case in point Banneret is available in rich shades of sepia and blue as well as two different blacks, each in a different brocade but all unavoidably gothic in their sensibility.

Miss Tiramisu’s successful explorations into complex and multifaceted colors were recently showcased on the Men’s Second Style blog. Therein, reviewer Mr. Oh usurps my role as Silent Sparrow’s most strident supporter in the fashion blogs, or at least the most verbose. He offers an excellent and comprehensive examination of many of Miss Tiramisu’s recent releases (including Banneret) with special emphasis on her use of deceptively complex color schemes and exclusive, hand-drawn textures. His insights, made possible through exceptional and generous cooperation by the designer make for an excellent read. I strongly recommend the post to anyone interested in designing clothing in SL or who simply appreciates the art behind the prims. Beyond that, I am simply very pleased to see Miss Tiramisu getting more of the mainstream attention she has so richly deserved for so long.

Banneret is available in the beautiful Silent Sparrow Sim or any outlets, including her Winterfell store.



  1. Some weeks back, I finally made the decision that certain designers–sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla of Adam & Eve, hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow, and Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss, among them–simply must be given preference in my groups. All of them have outdone themselves this season–Mr. Gorilla with his ever-increasing line of adorably quasi-Victorian footwear, Miss Lioncourt with her line of Poelita outfits, and Miss Tiramisu for everything else–and I’ve been overjoyed to receive all the announcements of the new releases.

    Plus–though I’ll have to check to see if it’s the coat, or some other item of attire–I have part of the Banneret set already, from a pumpkin hunt at Silent Sparrow. (I do believe it is the coat, and I believe it’s a retint for the season–charcoal grey with orange or rust piping…)

  2. You are quite correct, Miss Orr. A special Halloween freebie version of Banneret was available in pumpkin colors (along with several other free garments).

    If they are still available, the pumpkins containing the prizes are near the main entrance to the flagship store in Silent Sparrow.

  3. Oh, I completed the hunt. :)

    Though it did lead to getting lost in secret back chambers underneath the store!

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