La Fée Verte


Some weeks ago I was pleased to report on the announcement by Miss Serra Anansi of a forthcoming addition to the Winterfell Sims, Winterfell Absinthe. I am pleased now to state that Winterfell Absinthe is a reality, having taken form off the Northern coast of Caledon. Winterfell Absinthe is a quaint if shadowy seaside village in a Dark Victorian motif inspired by such authors as Stoker, Shelly and, dare I say it, Lovecraft.

However, I have some even more exciting news to convey, not only about Winterfell but about the near future of our fair Caledon as well.

I was honored, as happens on occasion, to be invited into our esteemed Guvnah’s Planning Room, to confer with him as to the upcoming hows and wheres of Caledonian expansion.

As is his habit at such an ungodly hour, he was in a large porcelain bathtub, covered with hot water and a copious amount of bubbles, the only garment visible being a red and green pith helmet perched jauntily upon his head as several cheerful yet silent ladies of Asiatic descent scrubbed his back.

The tub (with the words HMS Caledon, BABY! emblazoned upon it’s white side) was situated in the middle of a large map of Caledon and the surrounding Sims, the Guvnah reaching over the edge of the tub with a long wooden claw, moving various symbols, toy cannons and markers about the map, mumbling happily to himself.

I made my way through the multitude of courtiers, bureaucrats, nobility and handmaidens to stand near the Imperial Tub, so as to ask him certain questions regarding rumors I had heard regarding Winterfell. I place here the transcript of his response verbatim:

The Guvnah: What’s that BardHaven? Winterfell? Ah yes, the jewel of my dear friend Miss Anansi’s coal black eye. I too have heard the whispers traveling about my domains…annexation, invasion, nationalization of crypts. Well let me say here and now my good Baron, there is no truth to them at all, NO TRUTH I TELL YOU <splash>. We are now, as we ever were and always will be the closest of friends and allies with Winterfell, why several Caledonian citizens also Winterfell. Not to mention the fact that if I had to try and express to you the esteem in which I hold dear Serra I would have to stand up and wave my arms about, which would be quite embarrassing as I am sure you can understand. <splash>

However, this I CAN tell you, BardHaven, as long as you promise not to write it in that damnably silly clog of yours, or whatever the devil it’s called. In the nearish future, I intend to create the Sim of Cape Wrath from stardust and liquid prims, whose waters will abut those of Winterfell Absinthe, which will allow sea travel between the nations of Caledon and Winterfell. Perhaps I will even commission a ferry to bring our two peoples closer together. Either way, I view nothing but continued close cooperation between Caledon and Winterfell.

Of course, some precautions will need be taken. We will have gun bunny guards stationed at the Winterfell border to check people for unusual bite marks or body hair before allowing them into Caledon. Also, we will require that any visitors to Caledon from Winterfell have a body temperature and corporal form. Of course, customs will not allow any potted meat, vegetations or grimores of ineffable damnation to enter Caledon unless declared as such and a tariff paid.

Beyond that, early plans for a holy water moat along the border have been dropped, though we are looking for clergymen to man a chapel I am thinking of building in Cape Wrath. Of course, they will receive Kamikaze pay.

Now then my good Baron, if you could just reach in here and find my duckie, I will bestow another title upon you, eh wot? <splash>

Following this statement, and the successful acquisition of the Guvnah’s duckie, I made contact with Miss Anansi, whose private Palantir number I happen to have. She concured with all the Guvnah said and made clear that though further plans for Winterfell were not ready to be announced, there were still some plots..umm…parcels for sale in Winterfell Absinthe. As I myself own land in Winterfell Reverie, I can vouch for the soothing, dark nature of the Sims and the excellent management of Miss Anansi.

She does not expect them to last long, so interested residents are asked to contact Miss Serra Anansi by IM or email.

Some Views of Winterfell Absinthe









  1. [raises eyebrow at the alleged discussion] Hm. Interesting. Either black means white, or some words do not mean that to which I am accustomed.

    Incidentally, parcel #10 is already taken.


    Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

  2. “We will have gun bunny guards stationed at the Winterfell border to check people for unusual bite marks or body hair before allowing them into Caledon. Also, we will require that any visitors to Caledon from Winterfell have a body temperature and corporal form.”

    But…but…oh, that’s just unfair! I’ll be living in Caledon and working in Absinthe and who *knows* what state I’ll arrive home in, of an evening! Besides which, I don’t always have a body temperature, and–in at least one smoke form–I lack corporality!

    Tch. This is not good news.

  3. I have spoken to the Guvnah concerninf your case, and if you are able to gain the consent of Seneschal Anansi, a special Miss Orr Crossing will be established with fewer corporal/temporal/mortality restrictions, though you will need to get a mandatory broad spectrum antibiotics shot and a default exorcism on each crossing, not to mention leaving all divine weapons, demonic proto-relics and necro-atomic devices in the baggage check.

  4. Tch.

    *Mandatory* exorcism?

    Oh, they get so tedious…

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