You will forgive me just this once, dear readers, if a weary pilgrim caters to his mood and the chuckling shadows…just this once.

Digressions on Nietzsche

Sun dropping like a stone into the Med,
Nietzsche’s mad meanderings tumbledance through a restless mind…

“We look in the Abyss,” the great apostate said,
He wrote in the Teutonic, “And the Abyss looks back.”

But does it remember that which it beholds,
Does it retain some twisted memory of the souls it sees not once, but again and again?

Will it “Halloo” us in the aisles of a midnight supermarket,
Or be standing at our desk unexpected, smug recollection on its face, daring us to look up?

I think that is why we live obscurely before the mob….clothed in glamour and illusion like some conjurer’s assistant.

The shape of our souls is ever the same, eternal as fingerprints,
But the Abyss, the Abyss is ever changing.

So we never know where not to look….


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