Back from The Ball


Well, The BardHaven Ball is History…and what a History it was too.

The party went on for four hours, at times more then 40 people were stomping about my family burial ground, trying to wake the dead…some even succeeded.

Truly, it was the stuff of Legend.

I would like to go on record here and now thanking my beloved Kirawill for allowing me to desecrate her lovely island, the Duchess of Carntaigh for her superlative DJing, Miss sachi Vixen for providing special edition Eyes for the even, Miss Lauren Fox for allowing me to take horrible liberties with her wonderful Jack O Lanterns, the dark gods of madness for showing many Caledonian ladies such a good, if messy, time and most especially to all the revelers who braved the at times devastating lag to join the fun.

Many of the costumes were lovely and inventive, but I confess that due to lag, I spent much of the evening surrounded by grey, wildly gesticulating Ruths. However, the Ruths did seem to be having a good time, and that was all that matters.

I would like to mention our dear Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel once again as it was her year anniversary as an on air personality in Caledon, and the House of BardHaven was pleased and deeply honored that she spent such a special evening at the Ball with us, playing such an important role in it’s success.

I am already plotting NEXT year’s Ball. Thank you again to all of you, for making the evening so memorable for all of us in the House of BardHaven.


Yours truly and my lovely Kirawill, dressing for The Ball


The Ball in full swing.


The View from the Gates


The night deepens.


Lightning Strikes.


Around the Cenotaph.

Now playing: Marilyn Manson – The Last Day On Earth (GothVille Radio AAC+ [Dark music for people dressed in black])
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  1. a glorious party it was!

    Yehr ancestors will have hangovers for many nights.

  2. Och Aye! What a dark and glorious time! The dancing, music, and conversation were phenominal…and the little surprises throughout the sim were great fun to discover.

    Thanks to you and Lady Kirawill for hosting the event!

  3. Thanks again for a great Ball.

  4. It was an honor to play for you and Kira and your guests my lord.

    And a most fitting one year anniversary for me. I was but a shy upstart in Caledon when I DJd that first gig a year ago…

    …and now I am the Duchess of Carntaigh and the leader of Radio Riel. And I have the most *wonderful* friends.

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