“The Ball” is COMING


One of the highlights of the Halloween season is just a week away…yes the traditional BardHaven Ball will be taking place on Saturday night, the 27th of October at 10 PM SLT.


To be held amongst the BardHaven Ancestral Tombs and Reliquaries in Caledon Speirling, The BardHaven Ball promises a merry evening of dancing, debauchary and the occasional sacrifice to the Elder Gods.

Your hosts the Lord and Lady of BardHaven, Baron Zealot Benmergui, Marquis d’Illyria and Baroness Kirawill Collingwood, Marquess of E. Speirling are pleased to invite all citizens of Caledon, Winterfell and Steelhead to this years festivities, which promises to be so exciting people will literally be DYING to get in.

Entertainment will be provided by the Duchess of Decibels, Her Grace Gabrielle Riel, who will be DJing using a playlist prepared just for the Ball by Baron BardHaven himself.

The dress for The BardHaven Ball is traditionally High Gothic, but appropriate Masquerade is welcome. All guests are requested to arrive dressed, and to remain so until at least the conclusion of the first waltz.

Be sure to plan on spending the night, as the music and dancing will continue until the first light of dawn…assuming anyone lives to see it.

All virgins (male or female) who would like to be considered for sacrifice during The Ball are asked to kindly IM Kirawill Collingwood with their name, blood type, and any known allergies.

Now playing: Emilie Autumn – Chambermaid
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  1. I’m looking forward to it – we don’t celebrate Hallowe’en in my lands like this.

    Sorry you couldn’t come by last night. The Consulate opening came off quite well, despite missing a few people I hoped would have been able to come by.

  2. Oh, ARGH…and I have an RL party to attend…

    Well, with any luck–due to a variety of factors, NONE of which has to do with my friends, which are lovely people we’d adore spending more time with–we may be cutting the evening short.

    So…it may be late…but I’m hoping to turn up.

    If I hear screaming should I turn away? :)

  3. We are hoping that the party will go all night, so late is fine my dear.

    And as for turning away if you hear screaming, the short answer is No.

    Would you also like the long answer?

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