Fashionable Darkness


It always warms a deep, dark corner of my heart when gothic or fetish wear finds it’s way into mainstream fashion media. Therefore, my little heart if practically bursting over this recent photospread from the German edition of Vogue.

Not only is the wardrobe depicted as High Gothic/Dark Victorian as one could possibly find, it is also drop dead beautiful, modeled by Claudia Schiffer (among others) and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Here are a few samples from this pictorial, entitled Wellen…and before you ask, I have already spoken to a well -known designer about reproducing the menswear shown here in the Metaverse.




To see all the images and various interesting comments, go to foto-decadant.



  1. Oh very nice!

    Is it a bad thing that a small part of me hopes for the US and Soviet political climate takes a chilly turn? Political strife of that level almost always inspires the fashion designers to come out with a military flavored line. And that would just be ducky with me… the fashion part, not the impending cold war starting up.

    I have a serious soft spot for military wear, bordering on fetish. All those buttons! *swoon*

  2. Oh, these are lovely. I’m very nearly tempted myself to take the masked shot and show it to Miss Suen, see what her eye for masquery would do with it.

  3. [peers closely] Hallo, that’s very nearly my style of collar! My good sir, please let me know the results of your inquiry?

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