Absinthe Falling


In the midst of the weekend a celebration was held in Winterfell Undertow to commemorate a milestone in Metaverse History. Namely, the one year anniversary of the founding of the first Winterfell Sim.

As could be expected, the Senschal Serra Anansi, Dark Lady of Winterfell held court at the gala dance, during which she had several exciting announcements for Winterfallen and Caledonians alike.

For those who are amongst the uninitiated, or as the Winterfallen call them, Virgins, Winterfell is a collection of Sims close upon the borders of Caledon but leaning more in the direction of dark fantasy/medieval/dark victorian. The founder of Winterfell, Miss Anansi, was one of the leading lights in the creation of Caledon and is still active in Caledonian matters.

During the quite well attended celebration, Miss Anansi took the opprotunity to announce the impending creation of the tenth Winterfell Sim, Winterfell Absinthe. Winterfell Absinthe will have a dark Victorian/Lovecraftian theme and has been made possible by the Senschal’s purchase of the Videoranch Sim.

In addition, Miss Anansi announced that closer cooperation between Caledon and Winterfell is in the cards, as our beloved Guvnah and Senschal Anansi continue to negotiate an agreement to the benefit of all residents of both communities.

As a proud resident of both Caledon and Winterfell, I wholeheartedly support a deepening of the close fraternal ties between these two fine communities in the Metaverse.

I would like to thank Miss Anansi for her years of hard work towards improving life in both Winterfell and Caledon, as well as for continuing to throw some of the finest parties one can find in Second Life. In addition, I feel I speak for all of my readers when I congratulate her on the notable achievements of one year of Winterfell and her tenth Sim. May Winterfell never see the dawn.


Miss Anansi holding court (above) atop Boris, her pet Blood Spurting Skull.


The Senschal (above) in all her glory.


Her Grace Kamilah Hauptmann (above), looking leonine in latex.


Miss Hypatia Callisto (above), showing us that snow leopards have more fun.


My beautiful ward, the Countess Kiralette of Greystoke (above).


Miss Angelina Charlan (above), demonstrating one of the many uses of a feather boa.


The beautifully outdoorsy Miss Cierra Anatine (above).


Well-known lighthouse keeper Miss Joni Vargas (above).


Mr. Mickey James and Miss Morgana Fillion (above), tripping the Light Aristo.


Yours truly and my beloved ward (above), enjoying the night.



  1. Now now dear Baron… that blood fountain thing was suppose to say at the party! I suppose it was my own fault for forgetting your panache for blogging events.

    Thank you so much for attending the event, and sticking around after to help me try and unveil the mystery guest. Perhaps he reads this? And if he does, just a quick note… I will find out who you are…

    Thanks again everyone who came to bless me and Winterfell with all the well wishes.

    Miss Serra

  2. Though not a formal resident, I have always adored Winterfell. And briefly, I was keeping an office there, before my artist chose to move on. A scant few weeks of twilight always–it refreshed the soul.

  3. I am sorry I missed all the excitement, but the welcome I received coming to a party with my bit of business made me very glad Winterfell is so close and growing closer to Caledon. I shall look forward to exploring it more when things calm down a bit (stop laughing, you).

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