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In my time as a menswear reviewer here in Second Life, sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla, the designers behind Adam & Eve, have gotten me to dress up in some unusual ensembles. In reviewing their work I have dressed as a Plains Indian with a tendency towards the fabulous and a Tahitian tribesman with a love of big hats and cocktails. I have even posed nude in their Devil skin (don’t ask, long story).

If I have been willing to review and pose in their more outlandish designs, then how could I possibly resist looking at a few highlights of their new menswear line, released to celebrate the beautiful and highly successful remodeling of their main store on Genesis?

Of most immediate interest to the sartorially splendid Caledonian gentlemen is Adam & Eve’s new Frock Coat. The coat is well styled, with a proper length and a look of weight and heft to the fabric. The upper jacket is unusually well shadowed giving a slight cast of depth, and the lapel is sharply defined, if a bit thin for my tastes. The included trousers blend well with the jacket though they are a bit plain in my opinion, that is to say they blend a trifle TOO well. A few buttons or some additional detailing would have been most welcome, but they certainly perform their function seeing as how they are not meant to be the focus of the outfit.

In fact, even the frock coat is not really the core of the design. That honor belongs to the waistcoat/tie combination, worn along with a white dress shirt on the Shirt layer. Available in several different colors, the waistcoat pattern is at once quite proper and understated but deeply exuberant, perfectly layered over a white shirt and loose cravat. My favorite part of the texture is likely the way the color slowly gradiates from white, giving it a formal tone while preserving the whimsy of the pattern itself. The waistcoat is available in several colors and may be worn short, or over the waist of the trousers. The entire outfit, but especially the waistcoat, gives one the air of a gambler or dandy, which is always a welcome addition to any Victorian gentleman’s catalog of “looks”.

Beyond still more waistcoat shades (I know, I’m terrible), my only wish concerning this design is that the shirt had been built on the Undershirt level, so that the waistcoat and tie could be used with multiple shirt colors. All in all, however, an exceptionally strong effort and a very welcome return to the Victorian menswear world for Adam & Eve.

In addition to Adam & Eve’s excellent Frock Coat, I have also modeled their new black Nehru style suit in the above illustration. The design is certainly worthy to be worn by any gentleman in a Victorian sim, whether he hails from the sub-continent or simply has an interest in Asian styles.

The cut of the jacket is clean and direct, with lovely detail work along the tiny buttons. The texture of the jacket and trousers gives the appearance of rich black velvet or suede which is highly effective and dramatic. For contrast at the color and cuffs, shirts are provided in black, charcoal and white to be worn under the jacket itself.

Also of note to Victorians, though not modeled here, is a new line of linen suits from Adam & Eve which are quite well cut and handsome. They may be worn in combination with a proper waistcoat and tie (such as those which are part of the Frock Coat ensemble described above) to give a more casual look while remaining in period, perhaps for a luncheon or afternoon tea.

It is clear that sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla have been quite serious when they stated that they intended to fully revamp their menswear line, and there are numerous options and choices which would appeal to the Caledonian gentleman…with more to come.

For example, I have it from a reliable source, that soon we will be seeing proper Hunt and Riding Clothing for men from Adam & Eve, including sculpted prim riding boots both with and without buckles created by Mr. Gorilla.

Exciting possibilities indeed, and all the more reason to keep our eyes on Adam & Eve in the sim Genesis.


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  1. He HAS to make them now!

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