October Beckons…


The first chills of Halloween can be felt behind the wind, and so it is time for yours truly, The Dread Baron, to begin seeking out the macabre and unusual for your nightmarish reflections in beloved Caledon.

I begin with the work of a fine and decidedly insane Steampunk Master of the Macabre, the artist Alex cf. He has created many impressive artworks that illustrate the darker side of steampunk and the Neo-Victorian aesthetic, and he has out done himself with what I present for your pleasure today…

Behold…the Bio Aetheric Laboratory!

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Much Ado About Something?


There is no academic argument as evergreen and, dare I say it, as dramatic, as the controversy over who actually wrote the works of Shakespeare. Theories have come and theories have gone, and I have never found any to be particularly convincing.

This new wave of an old controversy is interesting to me simply because it highlights the fact that the debate has never really waned, just ossified and that it is being supported by Derek Jacobi, another of my personal heroes.

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Poetry Corner


You will pardon me a small digression, but I composed the following free verse over the long holiday weekend deep in uffish thought and mutable memory.

I share it here simply to place it on the aether, not due to any illusions about it’s merits but because perhaps, if I do, somehow he will be able to read it.

I am not expecting him to reply.

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