Hitchhiking to Atlanta

When I saw the ad for the second instance of this apparently annual event, I deeply regretted that there is absolutely no way for me to be in Atlanta this Saturday.

It certainly seems like it would not only be a blast to participate in, but to watch as well. I may not be much of a bowler myself, recent injuries making that all the more true, but it would be an experience just to hold there peoples balls. I have a sneaking suspicion that this eventĀ  is unique in all the world…or if it isn’t it should be.

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Dead Horse, Beat Well

I am taking the liberty of sharing with you another media report on the recent SLCC convention in Chicago. This one is mainly notable for the fact it appeared in the political magazine The Weekly Standard, which is William Kristol’s main soapbox and not especially cutting edge on technology.

Not surprisingly, the article is not exactly cutting edge either.

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