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Landmarks are a way of life in most European cities. On nearly every corner or old building is a sign commemerating this riot, or that birth, or some other battle. I am all for it, as I feel that having a sense of the history around you is essential to life. However, as is typical of such things, the plaques put up by government agencies or Rotary Clubs only tell part of the story. There is always ANOTHER history, a history that the Rotary Club doesn’t want you to know about. .

It seems that some people in England have decided that this other, less socially acceptable history has been kept shrouded for too long…and they are doing something about it.

The following is reprinted from the English Heretic website.


The Black Plaque scheme was instigated in October 2003. Its purpose is to commemorate and draw public attention to historical figures in such diverse fields as sorcery, the Royal Art, left hand path occultism and witchcraft, as well as the mentally infirm: tortured poets, psychopaths and village idiots. From the first traces of civilization, loci both sacred and profane have become impregnated with the souls of their inhabitants and by reawakening their ghosts we can bring the past alive.

On a more esoteric level, the black plaque serves an hermetic emblem, an allusion to the prima mater , the fabled hajarel fehm , ‘the stone of the wise’ or ‘stone which the builders rejected’. In another sense, as with the classical Greek discipline of ‘ars memoriae’ , the plaques may be construed as mnemonic devices with which to concretise the rhetoric of hairesis. In actual fact, one meaning for the Greek word haíresis is the “ability to choose, a course of action or wise choice”. Interestingly, the word “heuristic” is also derived from hairesis. So what is seen in philosophy, cybernetics and artificial intelligence as a means of effective problem solving by trial and error has become equated with dissension from religious and moral dogma.

Though essentially a well-meaning appreciation of our heretical tradition, there is a more disturbing hidden agenda to our Black Plaque presentations. By employing both traditional and emerging techniques of necromancy, we are attempting through phonographic recordings to conduct post-mortem conversations with the express purpose of extracting certain thanatological glamours from our subjects. These miasmic psychic vapours, it is believed, haunt the environment like a suffocating séance room effluvia and by capturing them in specialised vessels (known as canari), we hope to harvest a collection of malignant tulpas for future use in both private rituals and public events.

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  1. fascinating.

    There is ample evidence to suggest that many, many ancient and prehistoric cultures regarded those individuals who modern culture would consider “abnormal” to be closer to God. Blasphemy? I don’t think so; I think the sublime can be found on both sides of sunset.

    Regardless of the viewer’s belief, making people more aware of the flip side of history can only lead to better understanding of Truth. And what are we here for, if not that pursuit?

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