To Rule in Caledon


There has been much talk over the last few months in our fair Caledon concerning the nature of noble titles, and I indeed have already addressed the topic several times. However, it has been given a bit more relevence due to Caledon’s rapid expansion of late, a noteworthy influx of new residents with little knowledge of our strange customs and the Duchapaloosa which brought so many new nobles to the table.

I feel that due to these facts it is worth revisiting an exploration of what exactly constitutes the noble classes in Caledon, and the duties and powers held thereby.

As has been discussed in previous postings, there are basically two kinds of nobility in Caledon: those who are made noble due to purchasing or being invited into the court of a void Sim and those who choose to have titles as part of their role play back story. As far as how these two types of nobility are treated on the ground, there is essentially no difference. Simply put, some people will play along with the game and some will not….and the choice is made by each individual. There is certainly no way to FORCE anyone to acknowledge noble titles in Caledon, whether they are land-derived or self-imposed. Sadly, this unfortunate state of affairs is due to the fact Miss Ordinal Malaprop has yet to invent a Guillotine that deletes an account when an avatar’s head is severed…but I hear she is working on one.

The only undeniable temporal power that exists in Caledon is held by some veteran residents at the pleasure of the Guvnah himself, and those are the land rights held by the Stewards. It is an absolute necessity that some people have the right do radically effect the Sims of Caledon (for example, rebooting or restarting them), just as it is equally important that these powers be restricted to a small, trusted number. Being a Steward often comes with a noble title, but it does not have to and the majority of Caledonian nobility (myself included) have trouble restarting their DVD player, let alone a Sim.

Why then, if no temporal power is involved, do people clamor to have noble titles? In short, because they are fun. I for one collect them the way I do Pokemon Tazos. I take great pleasure when people use my titles simply becuase it shows that they are having fun with them too, and anything that feels good when you play with it by yourself naturally feels twice as good when someone else plays with it too. I likewise don;t mind when someone opts not to use one of my titles, either due to ignorance, republican ethics, or personal scorn. To each their own, and my ego is quite large enough thank you to absorb more dents and dings then a titanium Hummer.

There is no law that says that people must treat nobles as “nobility”…but there IS a law that says that no Caledonian resident may be abused by another no matter what their title may be in game. Despite all of our fancy talk and animated bows, we are all equal under the Caledon Covenant.

So, if temporal power is all equal save for the Stewards, do some people wield more “social power” in Caledon then others? Certainly, since human society is the same, be it in the Metaverse or in meatspace. We clique, therefore we are. In Caledon, as in RL, the best and truest power comes from the respect, admiration and trust of one’s fellow residents. That is the sort of power that is usually given wisely, and can ALWAYS be taken away should the recipient prove unworthy.

As much fun as noble titles are, that respect is a treasure gifted from one resident to another. It cannot be bought, or even claimed…it must be earned, and it is what makes Caledon run as smoothly as it does, whoever may be Grand Poobah this week.

THAT is how one rules in Caledon…that and serving a nice cuppa.



  1. My dear Marquis,

    Thank you and well put.

    Yrs, etc.

    Otenth Paderborn
    Viscount Ormsby of Little West Sniggery and Giggleford

  2. You’re a Marquis now? Drat it all, have I given offense calling you Lord Bardhaven? That one at least is easy to remember…

    I do *try* to remember titles, but not having any (non-Church-related) titles myself, I do forget. But I do make the attempt at least. Not only is it fun–as you said–but it does confer respect.

    Which is, in its own way, a representation of courtesy, and any civilization that has foregone courtesy is on the downward slide.

  3. Tis my turn to be Grand Poobah next week, is it not? Could someone kindly cover Sunday for me? I do hate to work on a holiday.

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter; I agree wholeheartedly, and have been struggling to put similar thoughts to virtual paper. You have saved me the trouble. Well said, and I hope, well-received.

  4. Well said, Lord Bardhaven! (And one can still legitimately use “Lord” for any of the male nobility, and their estate name afterwards).

  5. All very true. Though it does beg the question that when someone no longer uses another’s titles as to whether they should reciprocate the behaviour, or take offence, or put it down to several months worth of carelessness?

  6. By and large, Sir, I would attribute it to carelessness.

    I know that in dealing with those gentlemen who bear titles, such as yourself, I tend to fall back on the use of the honorific Sir, simply because I, like many I am sure, often cannot keep track of which title belongs to who. Certainly I intend no disrespect by the practice and I am sure the same is true for others.

    As always, if you feel that another is not using your title and should be doing so, a friendly reminder is certainly appreciated.

  7. There is, one notes, a third way by which Caledonians may come by noble titles, and that is through service.

    The Library Militant, keepers of the Library in Caledon, and Protectors of duchies Caledon Primverness and Lovelace Over The Sea, grant (very few) titles based on sterling service to the institution.

    Dame Lapin Paris and Sir JJ Drinkwater, for example, were both given titles of the ducal court for their services.

    CoyoteAngel Dimsum

    Duchess of CP & LOTS
    Protector of the Faithless
    Speaker to Machines

  8. The Sage of Primverness is quite right, I did neglect to mention those who are elevated due to their sterling efforts in the cause of Caledon.

    These individuals, few and far between, are truly in a class by themselves.

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