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Sometimes an outfit appears that simply screams to be reviewed. It is usually not due to any tangible reason, such as quality or a lack there of. It simple imposes itself on my conciousness and I know I need to discuss it here on the blog.

Doctor D by June Dion of Bare Rose is just such an outfit.

This is a very dramatic outfit, a fantastical medical tunic in black PVC latex. It is both medieval and gothic, and would certainly also look right in any Dark RP setting. Doctor D is sold with all the bells and whistles including multiple trim colors and well positioned and designed prim add ons such as a belt loaded with dangerous looking medical supplies, a hat, a hat, sleeve and boot cuffs and a sculptie shoulder piece.

The things I love most about this outfit is the perfect sheen of the PVC and the beautifully rendered asymmetrical clasps all the way down the tunic. I am also enamored with the beautiful, minor details, such as the lacing on the trousers. A female version is also available, that shares many of the same elements. This is an outfit that is immediately recognizable as Bare Rose, which says a lot about both the distinctiveness of the outfit and the unique position June Dion holds in the SL fashion world.

Like many Bare Rose designs, Doctor D has a lot of aspects that just make you stare and try and figure out what it all means as you marvel at the chaotic complexity. The gothic red cross parody on the back springs to mind, as does the fact I have NO idea what the symbol on the shoulder piece is supposed to mean but it looks hella cool. That kind of shock and awe are just things you learn to live with in June Dion’s designs.

This is not a perfect outfit, by any means. It suffers from the same ills that many Bare Rose items do. For example, the photosourcing is so clear and accurate that at times it can look a little strange, especially on blatantly hand drawn skins. Plus there are so many prim elements it can take a long time to put on or Rez, and in some ways it is neither/nor…it is too realistic to be a fantasy costume, but too over the top to wear normally.

The negatives aside, this is one of my favorite Bare Rose designs in a long long time, and should definatly be in every mad scientist’s or crazed reanimator’s wardrobe.

Find all of June Dion’s work at the sim Bare Rose.


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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s a fascinating outfit, I’m quite tempted to pick up the female version. She also recently finished a strappy gothic leather-and-PVC mermaid, Seiren, along with its very own merfolk AO, using a retextured ZHAO II. As I’m now using the ZHAO II system, after much consideration, I’m very tempted to add in my animations i have currently, into the Seiren one, just so I can have darker AO buttons. :)

    Miss Dion’s work is instantaneously recognizeable, and, moreover, those few other designers she’s brought in seem to share whatever flair point from which she operates, because they share a similar design sense. Between that, and the intricate–and occasionally baffling–design of the sim itself, she has quite effectively made her mark on the grid.

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