New Releases – Bare Rose


Sometimes an outfit appears that simply screams to be reviewed. It is usually not due to any tangible reason, such as quality or a lack there of. It simple imposes itself on my conciousness and I know I need to discuss it here on the blog.

Doctor D by June Dion of Bare Rose is just such an outfit.

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Secret Cabinets


The interesting and often scandalous nuances of history always delight me. Take for instance this interesting tidbit on the role that sex played in the hidden lives of some of the great museums in Europe.

In our modern arrogance, we always tend to see the past as either much more virtuous or much more decadent then we enlightened/benighted souls. The fact is, people have always been people, and our obsessions and foibles are little different from those of our Victorian ancestors.

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Men’s Fashion – Gaslight’s Emporium


In the constant press of all that we must do, even in our virtual lives, I find to my great regret that ofttimes things avoid our notice. For example, I have spent far less time exploring the intriguingly shadowy alleyways of New Babbage then I should, and therefore have failed to discover several interesting fashion venues though they are right under my virtual nose.

A case in point to illustrate this troubling phenomenon is Gaslight’s Emporium. Gaslight’s Emporium is a showcase for the designs and creations of Vincente Shepherd, located in Babbage Square. Mr. Shepherd has an impressive array of menswear on display for a new designer and his work should not have avoided my review for so long.

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Another Harbinger of the Apocalypse


At this point, nearly everyone with an email account has encountered the strange phenomenon of the LOLCats. Yes, those pictures of cute little animals with nonsensical, sarcastic “‘faux leet speak” captions have swept the globe several times over…and even I admit to smiling at a few of them.

This internet fad, disturbing as it is, doesn’t hold a candle to the fear and horror inspired by a slight variation on it which I recently discovered. Yes, the fuzzy kittens of the LOLCats have been replaced with something much darker that inspires insanity in the weak minded and smells like tuna.

I have the dubuious honor to present to you…LOLthulhu.

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