Arise, Tentacle Brother


A new pastime has recently been sweeping Caledon and I have never been one to resist a good fad, especially one which I in my humble, self-effacing way may have helped encourage.

As longtime readers know, I am prone to occasionally penning low winded, pretentious explorations of the shape I feel Role Play should take in our fair Caledon. In the course of several of those diatribes I have mentioned in the past the importance of noble Courts, led by Duchesses, Dukes or other high ranking nobles, as ways to broaden the scope and activities of Caledonian Role Play.

Well, it is getting broadened alright….

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Idle Chat


It is with a great deal of concern that I have been noticing a troubling tendency of late within Caledon, one which I find to be highly destructive. Thankfully, it rarely occurs with malicious intent in our fair Caledon, but in some ways, the fact that by and large it’s damage is dispensed accidentally and carelessly makes it all the worse.

I speak, of course, of the sharing of private, real life information, both concerning ourselves and others. This practice is a bane throughout the Multiverse, especially in a place founded on polite respect as Caledon is.

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