Fugue in Gold and Sienna


The leaves are barely changing and the youngsters have but recently been recaptured and forced back to their lessons but already the Harvest season in our polite little corner of the Metaverse is in fine fettle.

Yesterday I and my darling Kirawill were pleased to be called to our sister Sim of Steelhead, where my ward kiralette keeps house with her swain Mr. Abel to attend a tea in honor of the new season aborning. As befits such an event, the area near Steelhead’s famed Kokopelli Stage was awash in the colors of Fall.

The turnout for the Tea was quite impressive, though as typical in such events the ladies far out numbered the gentlemen. In fact, poor Mr. Denver Hax, Mr. Roy Smashcan and myself needed to see to the comfort of near two dozen ladies at the time of my departure. Thankfully, the women were soon distracted by hats and tea else there could have been a disaster of biblical proportions.

I was pleased to see how many of those attending were of Caledonian distinction, signaling again the strong colleagial ties between Caledon and Steelhead.

Of greater note to me then the glittering and quite fetchingly distaff guest list however, was the lovely decor and design of the space itself as desgined and executed by Miss Lumina Elvehjem. It was clear that great care and effort was taken in the table settings and Harvest decorations all of which enhanced the pleasure of the event quite strongly. The furnishings, by Starlight Romance Weddings, perfectly accented the space. In addition, a fine selection of cakes and other refreshments were on hand from the arts of the flour-covered Lady Primbroke of RoseHaven Recipes.

I am sure several worthies of Steelhead had a hand in creating this fine event, but I am sure few would fault me a moment praising in particular the exceptional contribution of Miss Lumina Elvehjem who served as hostess for the Tea. She quite adroitly creating a sense of welcome and respite for all of her guests and saw to it that all ran quite smoothly, even when the talk turned to tinfoil hats and the more unusual effects of certain teas on the nervous system.

I am sure I speak for all those who were fortunate enough to attend this excellent tea in expressing ougratitude to Miss Elvehjem, all those involved, and indeed all of Steelhead for such a pleasant repast.


The exceptional furnishing and decor for the Tea (above).


Our lovely hostess, Miss Lumina Elvehjem (above)


The mysterious Marquise Darkling Elytis (above)


Miss Diamanda Gustafson (above), in mourning for the summer.


Miss Velvet Wiles (above) of Caledon


Eminent designer Miss Jackal Ennui (above)


Yours truly and my beautiful Kirawill (above)


The festivities under way (above)


1 Comment

  1. It certainly was an excellent time, as well as refreshing to have you among our company, Lord Baron.

    As for the mourning dress.. blame it on the abrupt summoning ;)

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