Virtual Consumerism


The following article on the the sale of original content in the Metaverse has already been mentioned on the Second Life website, and is in many ways quite unremarkable. It speaks with all the usual people, who say all the usual things. Yes, people are greedy, acquisitive little beasties, whether made of meat or pixels. Yadda yadda.

What I find interesting is that the recent articles that Sl’s PR agency is placing on the New York Times and other major venues have been changing in tone. A few months ago, all the articles that the Linden’s were having placed were about corporate involvement in SL and how wonderful and forward thinking it was. The wave of the future. It seems the wave of the future has changed once again.

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Fugue in Gold and Sienna


The leaves are barely changing and the youngsters have but recently been recaptured and forced back to their lessons but already the Harvest season in our polite little corner of the Metaverse is in fine fettle.

Yesterday I and my darling Kirawill were pleased to be called to our sister Sim of Steelhead, where my ward kiralette keeps house with her swain Mr. Abel to attend a tea in honor of the new season aborning. As befits such an event, the area near Steelhead’s famed Kokopelli Stage was awash in the colors of Fall.

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