Autumnal Art


As the leaves turn to gold throughout Caledon, our attentions are drawn away from the seashore and the summer social whirl and into the world of the arts and folk culture. This years Harvest Festival activities throughout Caledon and her Sister Sims such as Steelhead are many and varied and should appeal to all tastes.

The first salvo of the new season has already been fired as the Open Air Art Fair and Expo opened this week at Gallery Tamrannoch and is slated to run until September 15th, featuring the works of both Caledonian and non-Caledonian artists.

Gallery Tamrannoch proprietress and curator of the exhibit Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy has assembled an impressive and diverse slate of artists whose work run the gamut from erotic to pastoral, encompassing media such as painting, pen and ink drawing, illustration and photography (both RL and SL).

My compliments to Miss Poppy, as I am familiar with the amount of planning and effort such an exhibit requires. The artists who have placed their work out for viewing (and in most cases for purchase as well) include Bau Ur, Zepher Dibou, Gwynna Cleanslate, Vlad Bjornson, Kerry Streeter, Mavromichali Szondi, Beth Wells, beatbeatwing Kidd, Susie Aleixandre, 713Ayres, Zero Ball, lelvett Amat, Webster Payne, Pop Handrick, Dreamingen Writer, Pop Handrick, Spider Mycron, Unmasked Shepherd, Hermoine Pennyfeather, Autopilotpatty Poppy, Zanara Zenovka and Benjamin Helios.

Looking through the exhibits, everyone will of course have their personal favorites, depending on their tastes. As for myself, I would have to say that I enjoyed most the works of the following:

  • Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather: Yes, our own Agent P, who created highly detailed photographs of flowers that strongly suggested the lushness and vibrancy of Georgia O’Keefe.
  • Miss Zanara Zenovka: Miss Zenovka’s erotic images are highly striking and provocative without venturing into the more difficult realms of pornography. Her photos are so well staged and rendered that it is difficult at first glance to see if they were taken in SL or RL.
  • Miss Unmasked Shepherd: Her delicate sketches and portraits achieve near photographic realism, filled with warmth and clear affection for her subjects. I was especially struck by the power of her rare uses of color.
  • Miss Pop Handrick: Creating powerful pieces blending photography and illustration, I believe I enjoyed Miss Handrick’s work most of all in the exhibit. Her work was vibrant and interesting, with an undercurrent of cheeky whimsy and a strong Asian sensibility. Based on the small sampling on display at the Gallary, she is one of the finest artists I have encountered in SL.

The only piece of advice I would give Miss Poppy and her associates regarding future exhibits is to try to either use more space, or fewer pieces. The artwork tended to become quite cramped and difficult to navigate, especially with the persistent lag. Also, I would have appretiated clear signs indicated the name of each artist. At times it was difficult to tell who had done what, especially as the art tended to mingle due to the close conditions.

All in all, however, a highly successful show. My thanks and congratulations to Miss Poppy and all the artists who so kindly agreed to participate. It is events such as this that make Caledon what it is.

Below I have taken the liberty of attaching some views of myself and my beloved Kirawill touring the exhibit.











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