Autumnal Art


As the leaves turn to gold throughout Caledon, our attentions are drawn away from the seashore and the summer social whirl and into the world of the arts and folk culture. This years Harvest Festival activities throughout Caledon and her Sister Sims such as Steelhead are many and varied and should appeal to all tastes.

The first salvo of the new season has already been fired as the Open Air Art Fair and Expo opened this week at Gallery Tamrannoch and is slated to run until September 15th, featuring the works of both Caledonian and non-Caledonian artists.

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The Journey to…the Mysterious Island – Interlude


The Idol had been very grumpy all day.

It had been slow to respond to his commands, and when it did, it did so in a half-hearted, distracted fashion, like a Linden during Burning Man. How could he possible destroy all of Caledon by Johnny Appleseed Day if the Idol wouldn’t cooperate. He knew letting it go to SLCC had been a bad idea. He had hoped it would just get laid and learn about making bitchin’ machimas, but instead it came back infected with the geek-hipsterism of the Linden overlords.

The Busy Man shoved a finger under the ornate Tiki mask to scratch his nose. This wasn’t nearly as easy as the prophecy had said it would be.

Just then, one of the Itchysportchowchow crawled in, careful to avoid the trapdoors that led to the shark tank as well as the pools of boiling lava, crotch-slicing lasers and other toys that dotted the red-lit evil lair.

He had bad news for The Busy Man.

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