So it IS you…Benjamin Barker


Still more news on the Sweeney Tood film. Well not news really, as we are still first-and-foremost awaiting a proper trailer. However, I do have the following morsel which corroborates my recent report concerning the “My Friends” scene  shown at the Venice Film Festival.

The morsel in question is a photograph and it is sweet indeed. I can already tell that many designers will be finding a lot of inspiration in this film come Yuletide. It is clear Mr. Burton is mining his Edward Scissorshands/Corpse Bride side heavily for this project. The slight hints of color in the otherwise monochromatic palate, the strength of the emotion on Mr. Depp’s expression and bearing and the lascivious, somewhat windswept bounty of Miss Bonham Carter fill me with ever more anticipation of this film.

So, without further ado…here it is.


Click the photo for a larger version.

Now, if you will all excuse me, I need to go change my trousers.


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  1. *swoons in joy*

    I’ve adored Sondheim, Burton, Rickman, Depp and Miss Bonham Carter for years.

    To have them all in one place has nearly been more than I can stand.

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