Man’s Work


Here in I present the second part of my consideration of current theological thought, a counter point to the previous post, God’s Work. Whereas I fully understand and in some ways sympathize with Mr Hitchens work, I do feel that there is an intrinsic value to religion beyond what he can accept, even if one has difficulty with reconciling the existence of God with the modern world.

Whereas Mr. Hitchens and his fellow Athiest/Agnostic authors state that as God does not exist, neither can religion, the following article argues that in many ways, if God does not exist then Religion MUST take up the slack, for the good of us all.

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God’s Work


As the High Holidays, Rosh HaShana (New Years) and Yom Kippor (The Day of Atonement) are fast upon us, of late my mind has turned to matters of faith. To be more specific, the role of faith in the modern world, which was born from the seeds planted in the Victorian world. Our views on religion and the lack of religion are firmly grounded in those of a decade and a half ago.

Therefore, I wish to examine two dissenting viewpoints as to how we might move forward with our theological viewpoints past those of our Victorian ancestors. The first is by one of the currently popular agnostic firebrands, Mr. Christopher Hitchens. He argues in several recent best sellers that Religion as a whole should be tossed out as it based on a fallacy…the existence of God.

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So it IS you…Benjamin Barker


Still more news on the Sweeney Tood film. Well not news really, as we are still first-and-foremost awaiting a proper trailer. However, I do have the following morsel which corroborates my recent report concerning the “My Friends” sceneĀ  shown at the Venice Film Festival.

The morsel in question is a photograph and it is sweet indeed. I can already tell that many designers will be finding a lot of inspiration in this film come Yuletide. It is clear Mr. Burton is mining his Edward Scissorshands/Corpse Bride side heavily for this project. The slight hints of color in the otherwise monochromatic palate, the strength of the emotion on Mr. Depp’s expression and bearing and the lascivious, somewhat windswept bounty of Miss Bonham Carter fill me with ever more anticipation of this film.

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Where IS my VF-1 Super Valkyrie?


The childhood onslaught continues. Now, it seems that the Japanese classic Macross, welded with two other series and turned into the American version known as Robotech will be coming to the screen fronted by Spider Man himself, Mr. Tobey Maguire. Personally, I can easily see him as young Rick Hunter.

This series is remarkable as the first time many of the more violent and/or adult elements common in Japanese Anime successfully made their way into the American versions. I for one was stunned but gratified when I realized that named characters were dying in battle. Beyond that, it is common knowledge that Robotech had the most kickass toys of any cartoon of the time.

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Mister Andersen


Hans Christian Andersen is another author who heavily influenced my childhood with his beautiful, poetic images of love and loss, and his story The Steadfast Tin Soldier used to make me weep inconsolably…but also strongly affected my adult views of manhood and chivalry.

As I grew older, I became well aware of his darker side and his courage to shine the light of his whimsy into the cruelest corners of society. However, I was not aware of just how cruel one particular corner had been.

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Save Charles Wallace


Following my unforgivable mingling of the catalogs of authors Madeleine L’Engle and Ursula K LeGuin some weeks past, I think it only just that I share the sad news of Ms. L’Engle recent passing at age 88.

She was an author whose work illuminated my childhood, as A Wrinkle in Time and it’s sequels not only “turned me on” to concepts of both the surreal and the divine but also helped me realize that intellect is not be a thing to be hidden and eschewed in the face of more dynamic pursuits. She also made me relish the unexpected around any corner, and when ever I head a soft rasping sound I still remember my older brother doing the voices of Mrs Who, Mrs Witch and Mrs Whatsit when he first read me the book.

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