That’s Not Funny


I have often heard each successive generation say that the great age of comedy is past. I have never been inclined to believe them, since I have always felt that in each trend and generation, the best and funniest will rise.

These days, I have found more and more that comedy is less about wit or even about slapstick, but about repetition and the creation of “signatures”. This has always been true to a degree, but usually wit or clever writing or inspired lunacy were used as a bridge to the “signature“, so that the phrase, whatever it may be, brought back the memory of the humor that came before it. These days, all that precedes the signature is another signature, or so it seems.

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Dear Mr. Linden…


As SLCC has now ground slowly but exceedingly fine for another year, I find myself considering what suggestions I would have made to Phillip Linden and his Linden Brain Trust, if I had the opportunity not to mention his attention.

The points I would like to discuss with him are not numerous, but in my seldom humble opinion may go a long way towards making the Second Life experience more pleasurable for all involved.

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More About Sweeney


Information continues to come to me regarding the film version of Sweeney Todd, directed by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in the leading roles.

The newest tidbit comes from an account of a ceremony at the Venice Film Festival recently, honoring Burton with a lifetime achievement award. As part of the ceremony, he and Mr. Depp showed a small portion of Sweeney, which was described by Mastidon, though he clearly was not at all conversant with what he was seeing. He was, however, impressed…and with good reason it seems.

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