Linden Cortex?


I first heard rumors of this small tidbit of terror a few days ago, and it has been gnawing at the back of my mind ever since. It seems that in the near future some games, perhaps even our own dear Second Life, may be able to do that just that…gnaw at the back of our brains.

It seems that some of so clever scientists are finding ways to do away with controllers and keyboards all together…and jack games directly into our brains.

Remember how well that worked for Neo?

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Juvenile Facts Fiction


I am always on the lookout for interesting books to try somehow to introduce the joys of reading I knew as a boy to my son.  So far, while I feel that my success has been limited, other parents marvel he reads as much as he does, so perhaps this is simply a generational disconnect.

As I sort through the various choices, both remembered from my childhood and of newer vintage, I had just decided to  toss a couple Encylopedia Brown’s in the cart when I came across that well known magician of children’s fiction…Dr. Stephen Hawking.

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