Fifty Foot Childhoods


It seems that each generation of late is doomed to see their childhood transformed on the big screen. In 20 years will my son be taking HIS son to a live action Pokemon movie?

Recently I went to see the Transformers film and we had a wonderful time. Admittedly, it was never a cartoon I watched much during it’s heydey as I was a bit old for it, but I loved watching him entranced by what he was watching. All in all, it was a great experience.

Will I be able to say the same about the next two TV cartoons flashing on the 50 foot screen?

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More SLCC Reporting


Amazingly enough, the even-handed, relatively positive reportage keeps coming out of Chicago about SL, still being penned by Miss Caroline McCarthy. If I didn’t know better, I would say the backlash against the Metaverse is coming to an end.
I do not know if Miss McCarthy is actually a resident of Second Life, but if she is and she finds her way to Caledon, I owe that woman a virtual drink.

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Steampunk Boston


Steampunk continues to be “discovered” by mainstream journalists. The latest is Peter Bebergal at the Boston Globe.

He has put together a good overview of steampunk techniartists currently so visible and their best work, including such well known and beloved figures, oft mentioned in this blog and others, as Mr. Von Slatt and Datamancer.

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New Silhouettes, Old Problems


Artistic mediums and styles never truly die, they are simply used in new ways by new artists to speak new truths. Such is even true of that most Victorian, seemingly old fashioned form of portraiture, the silhouette.

An artist named Kara Walker has taken this old form and breathed new life and challenge into it, using it’s ability to both display and obscure to examine uncomfortable questions and truths of race and history.

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Chinese for “Lag”?


Technology doesn’t stand still for long, therefore it could have been expected that over time, more and more capable competitors to Second Life would emerge.

Wagner James Au, the man formally known as Hamlet Linden (of NWN fame) has recently been introduced to a likely contender in China called HiPiHi and has lived to tell the tale.

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