Sophie Lancaster


I am posting about this simply because it needs to be posted about, in my opinion. It needs to be remembered, at least for a moment.

Sophie Lancaster died at age 20, murdered for being unusual. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to her boyfriend and her family. I don’t know why this moves me so deeply beyond the obvious, but it does.

We are all targets. Nothing more to say.

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Movie Night


It is with a great deal of pleasure that I place before you, my dear readers, certain video files which got me through the weekend.

While certainly not Caledonian in content, they are with a doubt Caledonian in SPIRIT…and after all, that IS what counts, isn’t it.

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A Houdini Moment


One of my heroes since I first began to read of him as a boy is Erich Weiss, better known to the world as the great Harry Houdini, a world renowned magician, escape artist and debunker of hoaxers. No Victorian figure, save perhaps Phineas T. Barnum, could be said to have had a larger effect on today’s entertainment world than Houdini.

The two elements of his life which I have always found the most fascinating have been his later career exposing fraudulent mediums and spiritualists and his friendship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The vignette described below involves both elements of his legacy.

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War and War


Certainly there are few classics as well known (but as little read) as Tolstoy’s War and Peace. The book, originally published as a magazine serial between 1865 and 1869, has been the butt of more Tonight Show jokes and lame Sitcom one-liners then any other literary work save perhaps the Bible.

War and Peace is again in the news as two new translations are being published at the same time…with predictable results.

No passions burn as brightly as academic ones…especially when matters of public record are concerned.

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