Cognitive Sorcery


I have always had a deep abiding affection for complex academic or scientific questions which can be asked or answered with humor and dramatic brio. Therefore I was quite enthused when I discovered an article that looked seriously at the ways in which the human mind is psychologically and intrinsically vulnerable to being fooled using stage magic as it’s metaphor.

Here in the metaverse, we often find ourselves losing track of where meatspace stops and the metaverse begins. Part of this is due to emotional investment but it may also be partially attributed to the way our minds look at and process “reality”. After all, to our minds, ALL reality is virtual.

Of course, that is much easier to understand when it is being illustrated by two of my personal heroes, Teller (the silent half of the unmistakable Penn and Teller) and that hoax buster extrordinare The Amazing Randi.

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