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There are many things that I adore about Caledon, which is why I decided long ago to make it my home in Second Life. Certainly the atmosphere, the general undercurrent of depraved gentility and the people who have chosen to settle here have all played a major part in my attraction to and contentment with our fair land.

Certainly it can be difficult and time consuming to explain to a mainlander what makes Caledon, and Caledon Mayfair specifically, so unique. However, last night I discovered a sort of shorthand, a perfect illustration of all that I love about my home.

One of the largest social events of recent memory in Mayfair revolved around the opening of a LIBRARY.

Certainly it is a quite lovely library, the first branch of the main Caledon Library in Victoria City and designed and created by Miss Kghia Gherardi. It is well laid out and is a perfect combination of classical beauty and modern utilitarianism. The information available within is all perfectly displayed and accessible. However, neither the architecture nor the books drew such a fine crowd.

A beautiful tea created by Lady Primbroke was laid out courtesy of Miss Eugenia Burton beneath an exquisite canopy built by Mr. Nix Sands. While this was certainly most welcome and quite charming, it was not the reason why there were at times more people at the library opening that the Sim could reasonably contain.

Several well known figures about Caledon were present, led of course by Caledon’s Librarian General, Mr. JJ Drinkwater and the lovely Duchess Gabrielle of Carntaigh. Perfect music to open a library to was also provided by the ever more popular Radio Riel. However, neither of these social considerations were the cause for the success of the event.

No, in my opinion the Library opening was so memorable and popular due to the general character of Caledon itself and all of it’s residents. Raves may come, and Balls may go and role play wars may accost our sensibilities…but Libraries make our worlds go round.

My sincerest congratulations and thanks to all who helped create this lovely event and the Library which is now a jewel of my beloved Mayfair. May your bindings never crack.


The new library itself (above)


The gracious interior (above) as designed by Miss Gherardi


Mr. JJ Drinkwater (above), Caledon’s Librarian General


The lovely architect, Miss Kghia Gherardi (above)


The Duchess of Carntaigh (above) and her escort for the afternoon, a giant hat named Clarance.


The demure hostess Miss Eugenia Burton (above).


Mr. Nix Sands (above), beneath his handiwork.


My own lovely Kirawill (above), Baroness of BardHaven


Miss Laura Flintlock (above), displaying her patriotism.


Miss Rosmairta Kilara (above), continuing the hat trend.


Miss Vulpine Eldritch (above), showing her solution to the Cake vs Pie debate.


Yours truly (above), searching for the large-print section.


  1. Sir, I will have you know that Clarance has proven to be a *far* better escort than many gentlemen I have met thus far in Caledon.

    At least he doesn’t IM me and say, “Hey Duchess, ya wanna…?” .

  2. Much obliged, m’lud! It is just such support from the appreciative and discerning that sustains and inspires us. As you very correctly say, Caledon has its library because it is Caledon, and to effect that is the privilege and the pleasure of the Caledon Librarians.

  3. I’m sorry my dear, but I have to defend Clarance as well… He seemed quite the dashing hat, I look forward to commissioning one much like him.

  4. I may have need of a very large hat at this rate…and that reminds me, I still need to investigate the Steelhead branch of the Caledon library!

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