The Sound of Silence


As the unstoppable juggernaut of voice chat continues to rush towards us, already it is causing confusion, hurt feelings, and technical nightmares throughout Caledon.

Even though I won’t upgrade to a voice capable client until I have no choice, it has started me thinking about the nature of sound and the lack thereof in SL. These days, just about everything has sound effects of one kind or another. Night sounds, waterfall effects, footsteps tapping, doors opening, genitals babbling…it is getting to the point that the sound is getting oppressive, forcing each person to turn it all off for a little peace and quiet and then lose the beauty of amibient effects without actively turning them back on again.

It is all well and good to talk about voice as a feature in the Metaverse, but isn’t silence a feature too?

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Reading is Fundamental


There are many things that I adore about Caledon, which is why I decided long ago to make it my home in Second Life. Certainly the atmosphere, the general undercurrent of depraved gentility and the people who have chosen to settle here have all played a major part in my attraction to and contentment with our fair land.

Certainly it can be difficult and time consuming to explain to a mainlander what makes Caledon, and Caledon Mayfair specifically, so unique. However, last night I discovered a sort of shorthand, a perfect illustration of all that I love about my home.

One of the largest social events of recent memory in Mayfair revolved around the opening of a LIBRARY.

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