The Road Ahead


As we reach the six month anniversary of The News from BardHaven, I find myself looking back at the posts and comments that have gone before. Once I have completed that reverie, I find that I have a question for my regular readers as to what the NEXT six months should be like.

I have striven in this first half year to offer my readers a blend of fashion reviews, society news and gossip, reposts from interesting sources, fiction and humor pieces and serious commentary on Caledonian and Second Life issues.

Is there anything you wish to see more of, or anything you wish to see less of in the coming months? Were there any posts you found especially worthy or unworthy? What thoughts have you as to the direction the blog has taken. Can you suggest any improvements?

A site such as this is nothing without it’s readers, so I am therefore turning to you, my audience, for feedback and guidance.

Please share your thoughts and views with me as we begin our second half-year.


  1. I really like the diversity of your blog, Baron. I wouldn’t change anything at all.

    But then, I’m generally lazy.


  2. To an extent I agree with Miss Gustafson, save for the lazy part.

    The writings here clearly reflect you as a passionate, curious individual, interested in a wide variety of topics. I started reading for the fashion posts and stayed for everything else. Your abundance of diverse interests is what brings me back as a reader and commenter.

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