New Release – Serendipity from Silent Sparrow


New menswear releases from Silent Sparrow are always something to look forward to, but hyasynth Tiramisu has out done herself recently with her release of the Serendipity Suit for men and women.

These elegant, luxurious suits (along with the gown versions) were created as a tribute to Sue Stonebender and the garments perfectly capture her style and personality while still being clearly a Silent Sparrow design. All of the normal hallmarks of Silent Sparrow, such as rich textures, sharp clean details and precise shadowing are at play, along with a certain amount of whimsy.

The sepia tone of the original suit is something of a departure for Silent Sparrow and was adopted in honor of Miss Stonebender and her partner, Relic-Maestro Mr. Baron Grayson’s redesign of all their Sims (such as Sanctum Sanctorum and Intempstra Nox) along steampunk lines which is curently in progress.

The primary texture of the suit is a rich brocade, like all of Miss Tiramisu’s textures hand drawn by the artist herself.

Of special note in the sepia version are the copper toned accents and white, gray or brown ascot choices.

Of course, once I saw the original form of this suit I politely requested a version in black and gray. After I resorted to abject pleading Miss Tiramisu relented and created the “ash” version of Serendipity in black, charcoal and silver for those of us of a more gothic frame of mind.

Whether you opt for sepia or ash, Serendipity is an excellent choice for a formal suit that could be worn in the ballroom or just about Caledon…assuming you wish to attract attention.

As always, this suit is available at the main Silent Sparrow shop in the Sim of the same name, or at the Silent Sparrow outlet in Winterfell village.

If you go to the main store, be sure to spend some time exploring the exquisite new “Dark Bayou” motif of the Sim, recently rebuilt by Miss Jessica Ornitz.

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